Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jason Becker: Movie Perpetual Burn

Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual Burn
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Gabriele Lazzerini: Tuscan Terror and Metalcore

Gabriele Lazzerini, 19 years old guitar player from Tuscany (Italy) play his solo on Andy James metalcore track.
Special thanks goes to Damiano "la favola" Michetti and Andrea Toto for all the support and help during the video recording!

Gabriele Lazzerini soloing over Andy James Backing Track

Chris Geden: new web site on line...

Breathless - Guitar Idol 2010/2011 by Chris Geden

Levi Clay: Patrick Hufschmid PHD Picks

Just a quick demo of Patrick's awesome picks. I WAS recording the audio... but my computer decided to stop 6 mins in! Then I realised that you probably want to hear the acoustic attack of the pick too.... soooooo.... I left it!

Levi Clay - Patrick Hufschmid PHD Picks

Timo Somers: Timo Engelvaart - Trailer of Life

Timo Somers & Timo Engelvaart - Trailer of Life

Chris Brooks: playing my Yngwie strat! Great stuff!

Chris Brooks playing my Yngwie strat

Alberto Lima: big tones for the Impromptu - Adeus

Impromptu - Adeus

News: Guitfiddle tests Suhr Andy Wood Model

Suhr Andy Wood Model

New Suhr Modern Test Drive

Anouck André: ToadWorks Fat City demo

What you can expect from the ToadWorks Fat City

Tal Wilkenfeld: Beauty and the Bass NAMM 2012

Tal Wilkenfeld @ NAMM Show 2012

Tal Wilkenfeld at EBS, NAMM Show 2012 (Part 2)

Silvio Gazquez: Playing a Spear guitar NAMM 2012

Playing a Spear guitar at Namm Show 2012!

Allan Holdsworth:Carvin Allan Holdsworth Signature HH2 Review

NAMM '12 - Carvin Allan Holdsworth Signature HH2 & Steve Vai Legacy 3 Amp Demos

Robert Marcello: THE NEW BOSS GT-100 NAMM

THE NEW BOSS GT-100!!! Sweetwater at NAMM 2012.mp4

Greg Koch: Interviews Gretsch Masterbuilder NAMM

NAMM 2012 • Greg Koch Interviews Gretsch Masterbuilder Stephen Stern • Wildwood Guitars

Johnny Hiland: 13th treet Guitar jam NAMM - We just happened to spot Johnny Hiland on the bottom floor at NAMM 2012 jamming in the EMOTIVA booth. We're big fans of Johnny, so we hung out watched him go!

NAMM 2012 Johnny Hiland

Guthrie Govan: TC Electronics NAMM 2012

New Aristocrats, new album (no promises), clinics... more air miles than you can shake a stick at...

Guthrie Govan Interview, NAMM 2012

Guthrie Govan playing at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

One year previously

Guthrie Govan creates his 'Colin' TonePrint for TC Electronic's Corona Chorus

Orianthi Interview: TC Electronics NAMM 2012

Orianthi Interview, NAMM 2012

Orianthi signing at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Eric Gales,Tomo Fujita: NAMM Jams

Eric demos two rock EXO and Tomo played the Studio Pro 50

NAMM 2012 Two Rock Eric Gales Tomo Fujita Jam

NAMM 2012 Two Rock Eric Gales EXO demo

Tomo Fujita - Eric Gales - b3 Phoneix - Fano JM6 - Two-Rock Amps - NAMM 2012

Virgil Donati: Sabian live event NAMM 2012

Virgil Donati - NAMM 2012 - Sabian live event

News: Dunlop Red Llama Demo NAMM

NAMM 2012 Dunlop Red Llama Demo

News: ESP Guitars 2012 NAMM

Nervous guy gives a run down of the ESP gallery... :)

ESP Guitars 2012 Line-Up Booth Tour - Winter NAMM 2012 KH-DC

Doug Doppler: Orange Amplifiers demos NAMM 2012

NAMM '12 - Orange Amplifiers OR50, OR15, Micro Terror, and Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Demos

Chris George: Marshall JTM1 JMP1 JCM800 Micro / Mini Amps NAMM

Marshall Shoot-Out : JTM1 JMP1 JCM800 Micro / Mini Amps - Winter NAMM 2012 JCM2000 JVM

Joe Satriani: Marshall Signature Series Amp Head NAMM 2012

Interview w/ Joe Satriani : Marshall Signature Series Amp Head - Winter NAMM 2012

Jeff Kollman: Fender VG Stratocaster NAMM

【池 部 楽 器 店】 2012NAMM Fender VG Stratocaster

Vinny Valentino: Vital Information Live 2012 NAMM

Vital Information Live @ KORG Booth, NAMM 2012

Courtney Cox: eavey AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar NAMM

NAMM 2012: Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens demos the Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar

Stuart Hamm: Bass Beauty at NAMM

Stu Hamm 20120120(110531).m2ts

Patrick Abbate: Reference Lab stand jam NAMMM

Patrick Abbate shredding at Reference Lab stand - NAMM 2012

Eric Johnson: EJ1250 Speaker by Eminence NAMM

EJ1250 Eric Johnson Speaker by Eminence : Announcement Winter NAMM 2012