news: guitar world 2009

Brian Carroll: buckethead unmasked, is this for real?

Alex Skolnick: The Belmont Austin Texas 2007

Brian Tarquin: fretworx and tribute cd's available from guitar9

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g and firewind wish happy new year!

Tom Quayle: happy new year wishes!

Wim Roelants: posted some great tracks

Chris Brooks: new year greetings, cd on the way

Juninho Afram: expomusic 2008

Daniele Gottardo: bb king shuffle, most gentle

Francesco Congia: jam over reggae

News: greek guitar competition

Aaron Berg: tribute to inspiration

Pascal Vigne: live in paris 2008

Patrick Rondat: live in paris 2008

Dallton Santos: improvisation and space invaders!

Mika Birta: fusion in g

News: heat 2 on the way, plus dvd planned

Alex Machacek: pentatonic concepts

Steve Mazzucco: more great italian guitar for you to savour

Andy James: full shred ahead part 3

Paul Gilbert: he he... someone defied the guitar roadie from hell! part 2

News: so what's this riff king competition about then?

Dallton Santos: the riff king crown is mine!

Ben Randall: riff king or bust!

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Andy James: new cd on the way

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Matthew Mills: new music and schecter clinic

Mateus Starling: going home

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Lorenzo Venza: utopia live gig

Greg Howe: bid for greg's speaker cabinet for charity!

Paul Gilbert: he he... someone defied the guitar roadie from hell!

Chris Feener: more high powered guitar

Michael Harris: prosthetic brain

Steve Lukather: live at the coach house

Joe Satriani: namm 2008 with paul gilbert, marty friedman et al!

Chris Poland: at namm

Billy Sheehan: tips from the road... super glue on your finger nails!

Marty Friedman: japanese tv show appearance and j-pop is cool

Joe Satriani: lims 2008

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