Chris Feener: more high powered guitar

It was really great to see and meet Chris Feener at the LIMS2008 and it's no surprise that Chris is still there producing great guitar videos.

Chris Feener says:
Hey guys, I decided to slap up a cover of this AVGN theme song rendition that I wrote a few months ago. I've always enjoyed James' stuff, so here's my little tribute!

Chris Feener - Angry Video Game Nerd Theme (Rock Guitar Solo)

Chris Feener says:
This is a little video I put together tonight for a dude from back home. He's currently in the hospital and isn't in the best of conditions.

He watches my videos from time to time, so I figured slapping one up as a tribute to him, to metal up his day, was definitely worth while.

Chris Feener - Jam for Jordan (Get Well Soon)