Wim Roelants: posted some great tracks

Anyone who likes Andy Timmons, Steve Vai and missed Wim's excellent CD should check out the tracks posted on his MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/wimroelants
Wim Roelants uploaded new tracks, including:

the Quickening

Wim gives an overview of this DVD

Wim Roelants Guitar Experience - www.licklibrary.com

Wim Roelants Guitar Experience DVD
Product Information
Code: RDR0254
Artist: Wim Roelants
Media: DVD
Video Format: PAL Only
Product Genres: Rock, Technique
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Product Groups: DVD Tuition, Lick DVD's, General Tuition, Rock

Learn cool techniques, essential theory and song composition with Wim Roelants
A big emphasis of this DVD is about expanding your guitar vocabulary, more than just joining a bunch of licks together. The DVD covers numerous cool techniques such as legato-playing, alternate picking, sweeping and tapping which are also incorporated into live performances. Wim also takes an in depth look at the major scale mode, the harmonic minor scale, diminished scales and combining different techniques.

Take your playing to the next level, with the Wim Roelants Guitar Experience!

Often described as a mixture of Rock, Fusion & Blues, Wim Roelants’ incredible playing style has inspired guitarists worldwide. His work as a session-player, clinician and teacher has given him a well earned place among today’s leading guitarists.

wim-roelants demonstration pour lag guitar

Shades - Wim Roelants

Wim Roelants - Salon de la musique Paris 2006