News: so what's this riff king competition about then?

Use this Video for the timing to introduce yourself and to play your solo with background music! Good Luck!

RIFF KING - Playback Video

RIFF KING - Biff talks about the Competition

RIFF KING - Explanation Video

What is this?

Special Prize: play live on stage with Saxon

Attention, the official countdown has begun: with immediate effect, the spectacular Riff King campaign by British heavy metal legends Saxon and their record company Steamhammer/SPV is under way on YouTube. They are looking for the musician who contributes the best solo for the current Saxon single Live To Rock (from their new album, Into The Labyrinth, out in January 2009). Heres how the competition works:


Until 31 January 2009 (deadline!), you can listen to the Song Live To Rock at and fill in your own solo into the part where the song is faded out. Record your contribution by webcam or video camera and submit it to the Riff King channel via the Riff King playback videos video reply function. Your video replies will be integrated into the official Riff King channel and judged by a panel consisting of YouTube users (thats you!) and the band members.


Then the 50 best entries will get into the semi-finals to be judged by the jury again until 28 February 2009 (closing date!). To ensure equal opportunities, every entry will start back at zero. The motto will be Thumbs up for your favourites!!!!!, which means: every user gets to choose their favourite video once a day with their thumbs up vote, so by the end of February there will be a top 50 list of the videos with the most thumbs up votes.


The exact positions of the semi-finalists will be announced at the beginning of March, the 50 most popular entries will receive great prizes, such as an exclusive Dean Flying V guitar, a VIP ticket for the 2009 Wacken Open Air including a personal meeting with Saxon, super Saxon fan packages, or the new Saxon CD. The winner of the Special Prize gets to play live on stage with Saxon at one of their 2009 festival shows and will be chosen by Saxon vocalist Biff Byford from the top 10 of the jury voting, to be announced on 9 March 2009. Its up to the winner to choose where in this world they will be treated as the 6th band member for a whole day - whether its Brazil, Japan or Germany. Flights and hotel accommodation for 2 will be paid, plus some pocket money on top. And thats not nearly all: in addition to this exciting guest performance, the Special Prize winner will receive an exclusive Dean Flying V Saxon guitar plus a megaphat Saxon fan package from Steamhammer/SPV and Saxon.

So theres only one thing to do: follow the latest Riff King news every day and subscribe to the channel now: this is your chance to be announced Riff King on 9 March 2009. The crucial phase has begun, now the motto is: ´It´s all about your solo!`

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