Thomas Erak, Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel: CHON - Full Set - Audiotree Live in Austin 2015

Zendhy Kusuma: One + The Sweet and Sour of You - Stratocaster etudes

Tomo Fujita: Chord lesson for Dylan at Berklee private guitar lesson

Andy James: facial expressions belie the ripping in Musikmesse 2015

Geddy Lee: Rush bassist talks Fender USA and Jazz Bass

Drewsif Stalin: Menace Toneforge demo - Legator Ninja Pro 300 8 + Ibanez RG2228

Adley Penner: two hands over the next contrapuntal tapping

Adam Wróbel: Jakub Żytecki Creative Fusion - Lunar Beats, Lydian's Arrival - great playing enjoy!

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh, Mattias IA Eklundh,Nick Johnston: Young Guitar 2015 June issue

Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow,: Schecter Guitar Research Inc NAMM 2014

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: Voyager Australia and US tour dates

Irene Ketikidi: Scuttle Buttin' - Beat it Jam

Martin Goulding: modern rock lesson on combining legato and sweeping

Neal Schon: daring all-instrumental album Vortex - Pre Order

Janek Gwizdala, Alex Gunia, Morgan Ågren: Snowguard - The Värmdö Sessions

Luke Fortini: MOTO ROTATORIO - picking etude

Pop the Sun, Remy Hansen: Jamming Red House

Dan Patlansky: Voodoo Chile,SA style... @ The Borderline

Tristan Klein: TC Electronics - Viscous Vibe demo

Zendhy Kusuma: very tasty Stratocaster tweakings

Mark Kroos: Pedals Press the Floor - two hands, two necks tapping is back

Mike Gianelli: performs "Manipulator" live on EMGtv - nine string gains

Evgen Tsibulin: Etude Gm asty legato

Angel Vivaldi: An Erisian Autumn - play through

Marshall Harrison, Troy Grady: Pickslanting and Sweeping - The Marshall Harrison Interview

Misha Mansoor: Guitar Messenger- Periphery: Interview 2015

Jeff Kollman: Kollmanation pedal+Arcane pickups - tasty soloing from a master

Steve Vai, Akira Takasaki , George Lynch: Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2016 (East) Shredders From The Deep

Jason Richardson: Ernie Ball Music Man booth NAMM 2015

Scott LePage,Tim Henson, Jason Richardson: Polyphia - Aviator - 4 piece instrumental rock band recently signed to 'Equal Vision Records'.

Joel Hoekstra, Tony Franklin, Todd Vinciguerra: Very High Frequency - Backside of Your Eyes

Lari Basílio, Irene Ketikidi, Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Female International Rock Jam - Driving blues

Cheza Taylor,Derek Taylor: PROTOS HEIS: KARMA - Tales of The Abyss

Maria Suzuki: Van Halen「Panama」

Jonas Tamas: Yak Dance - short etude

Tom Quayle: Signature Fibenare Erotic Guitar Demo

Marc Guillermont: "LIVE" DRUMS on keyboard

Sam Coulson: Figaro Mozart - TSO cover

Daniele Gottardo, Francesco Congia: Jamming on "All blues"

Ian Crichton: Saga "Don't be late" and "You're not alone" Spirit of 66 Verviers 2014

Dan Patlansky – Backbite, Live at Atterbury Theatre 11 March 2015

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar World - Sweep Picking 101

Jose Jaime Araja: - Milk Tea - 8 string - three camera promo video

Steve Hackett: Spectral Mornings 2015 - In Aid of Parkinson's UK

Scott Mishoe: You can Now Purchase Omnidirectional

Rick Graham: Just me myself and Ibanez - noodle time

Dhalif Ali: JEM7V SBL - jam time

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour 26/04/15

Richard Medel: Tribute to Tuck Andress-Over The Rainbow/Brain