Timo Somers@ endorsement from Mesa Boogie

Alan DeLeon Jr: 14 year old tackles some Rusty Cooley

Kirill Konyaev: 5 Progressive Metal Phrases pack announcement

Gavin Iedema: Fall into deep - great original tune

Richie Kotzen, Julia Lage: Playing All Along The Watchtower at Lucky Strike Live jam night

Miyazawa Marin, Uozumi Yuki: LoVendoЯ - Princess - of Princess of lone castle

Robben Ford: live at Le New Morning, Paris 2015

Rob Chapman: Jackson Guitars - Great New Stuff for Summer 2015

Paul Wardingham: Episode #3 of the Cyber Licks Video Series with tab

Dean Murphy: Chrono Trigger Wind Theme 8 String Guitar Chord Melody

Marcelo Donoso: Dusha - progressive metal with 7 pages worth of TAB

Gus Drax: New Paradox Solo from the new Paradox album which is going to be called Pangea

Carl Mörner Ringström: Just Jammin' Dude - rich fusion tones Just Jammin' Dude

Marc Rizzo: Soulfly "We Sold Our Souls To Metal" - Archangel release from Nuclear Blast

Vivien Lalu, Joop Wolters, Simone Mularoni, Virgil Donati : Lalu - Live at P60

Jasun Tipton, Troy Tipton: Abnormal Thought Pattern's: Distortions Of Perception - Altered States Of Consciousness

Su mi Lee: replays the tapping tour de force - Fade To Blue - Guthrie Govan

Daisuke Kurosawa: Progressive Band - The Final Chapter 2014.11.16 Silver Elephant Tokyo

Scott Henderson: new album and Live 2016 dates announced

Filippo De Vecchi: Little Wings - Kemper audio/SJ4000 - very sweet tone for this classic track

Sam Coulson: Gilberting over some ZZ Top

Eric Calderone: the game might be a train wreck on PC... but here's Fallout Meets Metal

Jeff Kollman: checks in from the road with Sebastian Bach

Niko Tsonev: Improvised Baroque Canon Fugue for Guitar and Eventide H9 Harmonizer

Dustin Tomsen: 10 years old covers Joe Satriani "Always with me, always with you"

Paul Wardingham: wicked t-shirts this way come... room for at least one more!

Richard Tull: Fear - all wide stretches - stunning lick laden instrumental - don't pay this guy by the note!

Chris Squire: Dead at age 67 - Bass player from yes Passes - RIP

Arjen Lucassen: announces Guilt Machine vinyl pre-order!

Andy James: Extreme Tapping Technique Lesson

Ignazio Di Salvo: Donna lee challenge

David Maxim Micic: new album EGO - Teaser #1

Roma Ivakov: Deconstruct from up coming album Soldier - featuring Andrey Sazonov

Matt Cafissi: new album Flesh + Bone announced

Luca Mantovanelli: 20 Sax Inspired Funky Licks

Jeff Kollman: announced for Sebastian Bach tour

Alex Hutchings: clinic from the magician. Music Avenue - Almaty, 2011

Jen Majura: plays... Blues for FK Mattias IA Eklundh

Russ Parrish: Satchel rig run down... IMHO Rebecca Dirks does the best rig run down, you decide?

Morgan Reid: Movement Speaks Musical Snippet

Wim Roelants: Guitars United 2015. Germany and Workshop guitarist 2011