Saturday, 14 February 2009

Jean Fontanille: unknown parameter

Jean Fontanille releases a new CD packed full of top players: Jean Fontanille,Cyril Achard, Christophe Godin, Patrick Rondat and more...

Jean Fontanille - Unknown Parameter Value

1. Unknown Parameter Value
2. Stop Breaking It
3. Alternative Solution
4. Overflowed
5. Memorandum
6. Fisherman's Friend

Release date: 02/2009
Total time: 38:32

2nd instrumental album from french guitarist Jean Fontanille, well known for his pedagogical videos on internet and press magazines. Jean delivers an album where each songs have their own stories, but the album keeps a real unity.

The team includes famous drumer Mike Terrana ( Malmsteen, Mac Alpine, Rage, Taboo Vodoo, Tarja, Masterplan etc ...) and fantastic bass player Ivan Rougny ( C Godin, Morglbl Trio etc ...) , the music is a mix of metal, jazz and progressive giving Jean a chance to access international scene.

Some guests:
Patrick Rondat, Christophe Godin, S Alaux, Cyril Achard on "Fisherman's Friend" and Manu Martin on "Alternative Solution".

Gianluca Ferro: Stefano Sebo Xotta, Frank Caruso - 24 strings

Gianluca Ferro says: Debut album to be released on March 20th 2009
We can now tell you the album called "Strings 24"will be released on March 20th. Lorenzo Feliciati, Roberto Gualdi and Alex Del Vecchio all feature on the album.

Strings 24 are a new project created by Frank Caruso, Stefano “Sebo” Xotta and Gianluca Ferro. These three axemen coming from different musical experiences decided to mix their styles into a new band dedicated to guitar, with the aim to raise its musical expression and compositional potential. The bands name comes from the three guitarist’s use of 8 string guitars (3x8=24).

The three musicians have a pedigree of being in the music business for many years. 24 Strings, their new project immediately gathered broad attention from Italian record labels, magazines, radio and TV networks along with attention of Lion Music. Their self titled debut album is unashamedly full of virtuoso rock guitar across 12 identifiable tracks and will appeal to fans of Vai and Satriani as well as those into newer guitar virtuosos such as Rusty Cooley and Marco Sfogli.

The three guitarists of Strings 24 have identifiable styles. Sebo is a typical rock player, very pentatonic oriented with a passionate vibrato coming from the Gary Moore, Zakk Wylde, Marty Friedman school of thought. Frank is a perfect blend of Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen, very precise with solos and really powerful with riffs! Gian’s style is best defined as “liquid”, because his arpeggios and licks are really like water coming out from a bottle. Very prog metal influenced, Gian’s composition style is really complicated, but in a very musical way. These three variations on rock guitar are important in bringing a different style and touch to the songs, creating the unique Strings24 style.

The trio began writing songs for the album at the end of 2007 before selecting the material to feature on the album in the summer of 2008. Each of the three guitarists have home studios, so they started composing and sharing the projects, adding new parts in the different studios and putting them together. All the drum parts were initially done drum software, before the real drums of Roberto Gualdi (Glenn Hughes) were tracked at Damage Inc. Studio in Ventimiglia. IT. Roberto’s drum work added a lot of dynamics and musical ideas, giving the album a new punch. Finally the album was mixed at Fran Caruso’s Phantom Studio, and the mastering was shared with Luca Pilla, a very talented Italian sound engineer.

01 - Introspective (intro)
02 - Outraged Dimensions
03 - Running in the Wind
04 - Double D
05 - Schizophrenic Disorders
06 - Remember Blues
07 - Mystical Thoughts
08 - G String Song
09 - Psychedelic
10 - Flown
11 - Besides Nowhere
12 - Go Down Peter!

Frank Caruso - Guitar.
Stefano “Sebo” Xotta - Guitar.
Gianluca Ferro - Guitar.
Gabriele Baroni - Bass.
Roberto Gualdi - Drums.
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Hammond on “Remember Blues”
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass on “Remember Blues” and “Go Down Peter!”

Ed DeGenaro: new cd and tour dates

Ed DeGenaro says:
Never Knew It Could Be So Liberating...
what you ask? Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that's been my new CD..."Less Is Seldom More". We gotta redo the bass for one tune, mix 5 tunes, master it and get the art ready and it's DONE!DONE!DONE! I can't even describe how great a job Chris Taylor did with producing it for me, and writing the vast majority of the tunes. Plus his keyboard playing is pretty dope, if ya dig Zawinulish hangs. Which I friggin' love. Also the guys I got to work with just killed that shit.

Tour dates
Feb 21 2009 9:00P The Mix Seattle, Washington
Feb 28 2009 9:00P McClouds Bremerton, Washington
Mar 4 2009 8:00P J-Bay Kirkland, Washington
Mar 6 2009 9:00P President’s Hall Kitsap, Washington
Mar 14 2009 9:00P Little Red Hen Seattle, Washington
Apr 11 2009 9:00P Hayley’s Everett, Washington
Jul 22 2009 8:00P TBA Auburn, Washington
Jul 30 2009 8:00P Waterfront Amphitheatre Everett, Washington
Jul 31 2009 8:00P Art On The Green Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
Aug 1 2009 2:00P Qwest Field Seattle, Washington
Aug 13 2009 8:00P Island County Fair Langley, Washington
Aug 15 2009 8:00P TBA Sandpoint, Idaho
Aug 27 2009 8:00P TBA Hood River, Oregon

David Valdes: live shows!

David Valdes announces some live dates:

David Valdes + CHRON-X - Viernes 20 de Febrero de 2009 a las 22:00h
Pub Cool C/ Berenguer IV, 53 (Tortosa, Tarragona)
David Valdes + CHRON-X - Sabado 21 de Febrero de 2009 a las 22:00h
Sala Crossroads C/ Josep Tapioles, 75 (Terrassa, Barcelona)
David Valdes + CHRON-X - Sabado 7 de Marzo de 2009 a las 22:00h
Sala Feeling (Amposta)
David Valdes + CHRON-X - Viernes 13 de Marzo de 2009 a las 22:22h
Pub Diodon, Av. Derechos Humanos 1, Alcorcon (Madrid)
David Valdes + Juan M. Carmona + Pedro Diaz - Viernes 20 de Marzo de 2009 a las 22:00h
Sala Eventualmusic, C/ Cuernavaca, 21, Pol. Ind. San Luis (Malaga) 5€
David Valdes (Clinic De Guitarra) - Miércoles 18 de Marzo de 2009 a las 20.00h
Academia de Guitarra Juan M. Carmona, C/ Salitre, Nº 2 (Malaga) 5€ (Info y reservas 952 32 88 40 - 626 10 98 76 )
David Valdes + CHRON-X - Viernes 3 de Abril de 2009 a las 22:00h
Pub Rock & Roller Carretera Benidorm, La Nucia, (Alicante)
David Valdes + CHRON-X - Viernes 22 de Mayo de 2009 a las 22:00h
Pub La Roca Del Moro, Alcossebre(Castellon)

Michael Schenker: msg to tour and interview

An interview with Michael Schenker posted on semolorock!

Michael Schenker has told the guitar blog Guitar Legends that his forthcoming acoustic album with singer Gary Barden, "Gypsy Lady", is tentatively scheduled for release in April. Asked where the idea of recording an acoustic LP came from, Michael said, "[it] came from my curiosity [about] how my acoustic instrumental work would sound with vocals. So Gary had a go on some of my latest material and I was happily suprised with the outcome. We continued and it turned out very well."

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) will embark on a North American tour in late March.

The group's lineup for the trek will consist of the following musicians:

Michael Schenker - Guitar
Gary Barden - Lead Vocals
Robbie Crane (RATT) - Bass, Vocals
Chris Slade (AC/DC, THE FIRM) - Drums
Wayne Findlay - Keyboards, Guitar Michael Schenker (MSG, UFO, SCORPIONS) has told the guitar blog Guitar Legends that his forthcoming acoustic album with singer Gary Barden, "Gypsy Lady", is tentatively scheduled for release in April. Asked where the idea of recording an acoustic LP came from, Michael said, "[it] came from my curiosity [about] how my acoustic instrumental work would sound with vocals. So Gary had a go on some of my latest material and I was happily suprised with the outcome. We continued and it turned out very well."

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) will embark on a North American tour in late March.

The group's lineup for the trek will consist of the following musicians:

Michael Schenker - Guitar
Gary Barden - Lead Vocals
Robbie Crane (RATT) - Bass, Vocals
Chris Slade (AC/DC, THE FIRM) - Drums
Wayne Findlay - Keyboards, Guitar
full post

John Petrucci: paul gilbert, steve vai... smoke on the water

From the video G3...Note DREAM THEATER have been cofirmed for the Kaliakra Rock Fest, set to take place July 3 in Kavarna, Bulgaria.

G3 Smoke on the Water

César Huesca: new solo cd sample

César Huesca provides a promo from his new CD, Buy Cesar Huesca CD now!!!

1 Rockin' Red Carpet
2 Risk 24/7
3 En Un Mejor Lugar
4 Fantasmagoria (Child's Nightmare)
5 Eternidad
6 Tus Ojos
7 Como El Mar Y La Luna
8 Despertar

César Huesca says:
Track #4 of my first solo album. Enter to listen clips of some of my own songs, watch some pics, read personal info, my setup and gear etc etc. ¡¡¡NOTE!!! I don't have at hand any guitar tabs. Thank you for watching. Regards. Cesar.

Fantasmagoria (Child's Nightmare) by Cesar Huesca

Tommy Emmanual: tommyfest

More from the land down under... but this time in the UK... Tommy does what he does best and gives us some blues improvisation while talking us through Guitar Boogie's structure at his workshop duing Tommyfest UK 2008 in Slough, England.

Tommy Emmanuel improvisation at Tommyfest UK 2008 workshop

Brett Garsed: live in peru?

Brett Garsed live... but no details of where... but the video was posted from Peru!

Brett Garsed Live

Rick Graham: improve your vibrato

A short lesson describing how I approach practicing vibrato. Hope it is of use to you guys! For more detailed lessons on this and many other topics visit:

Guitar Lesson: Improve your Vibrato

Serj Buss: 3t in hd

Serj Buss posted a bunch of videos in higher quality. Full list, here's just a sample

3T by Sergio SERJ Buss

"You're the one" by Sergio SERJ buss

"What's up?" solo - by Sergio SERJ Buss

Eddie Van Halen: steve lukather... happy valentines... ain't talking about love!

Cool one here! They all played good. There were much energy on the stage, and it looked like they has allot a fun. Eddie Van Halen on lead guitar, Steve Lukather on vocal and guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass & Pat Torpey on drums. Eddie uses hes new black Peavey Wolfgang

Eddie Van Halen & Steve Lukather - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - 11-17-1996 - Chicago, IL

Romain "Roo" Chapus: legato tapping licks

Romain "Roo" Chapus says:
This lesson demonstrates the kind of licks I play when Im in a shred
mood. tab

Most of them include tapping notes. Many guitarists add tapping notes in their legatos licks.
This actually helps to extend arpeggios.
Overall, in order to reach a smooth legato technique I focuse on 2 essential issues.
-Playing each note at equal volume.
-Playing each note in correct timing.
I also practiced a lot legato on acoustic guitar in order to increase my fingers strength.

It is quite a famous one. The A 7th arpeggio. There are so many ways to play it.
Im inspired here a lot by Bruce Bouillet who have insane A7 shred licks.
This lick demands a bit of stretching. I pick the minimal amount of notes. I try to hammer on and pull off as many notes as

It's difficult but important that the tapping notes sound at equal volume so that you get that smooth tone. Of course, feel

free to add a slide on the tapping note on the E high string. I appologize not showing the slide/tapp note in slow motion.
Focus first on mastering the 3 notes/string string skipping arpeggio and while practicing with metronome find a pattern
that is natural for your fingers...

Lick #2
It's an ascending lick. So here we focus on hammer-ons.
It's coming from an A 7M arpeggio. I add the 13th (f#). It's very symetrical and repeat on two strings a groups of
five notes.
It's quite easy to memorize and pretty challenging to run smoothly. Try to turn over the notes on two strings at the
beginning to get familiar with this pattern.

Lick #3
It's a E minor descending pentatonic scale.
There are endless possiblilities with the pentatonic scale.
This one is pretty easy to learn and run over and over. The tapping note is on the beat so it's
easy to keep in timing. The end of the lick is still the E minor pentatonic descending scale using an
unusual finger pattern. Playing 3 notes/string and the slide notes help to get some fluidity in opposition of two
notes/strings scale which is in my opinion very difficult to play fast and neat...

Lick #4
Augmented arpeggios. Sounds weird isn't it?
I love them.
We have here 2 differents augmented arpeggios played on two different positions. Ascending and descending.
The first one (two notes/string) could be played without pick ideally by mutting the strings with the right hand
on the neck. It is symetrical and repeats the same pattern on 2 strings groups...
Here I pick downstroke one time / string. So it's sweeping basically.
The second bar and arpeggio is descending and also played in sweeping but the pick follows the hammerings more

than it leads the arpeggio itself.

Lick #5
Over A7 chord. There's no tapping in this one.
It's a quite common bluesy lick. I used some of these on my solo album.
It based on the A blues scale adding passing notes.
It doesn't necessary need to be played fast. Memorize the notes and run the whole lick slowly untill
you find sense.
The less notes you pick the best it is in order to get this fluid tone.
The pick must be as quiet as possible and helps to enhance notes that would be to weak with hammering notes
"from nowhere"...
Overall, the difficulty with legato is to get equal tone between picked notes, tapping and hammer ons/pull offs...
Practicing with metronome will help you to work in this direction.

See you for next lesson!

MAY school #4 Five legato tapping licks (tab) by Roo

Alexandre Bicudo: fusion with the pedrone special

More great playing from Alexandre Bicudo, with a tribute to Allan Holdsworth. You can still vote for Alexandre at guitar idol 2009

Lançamento Pedrone Special 50

Muris Varajic: "muris sound alike" competition with cool prizes

Muris Varajic from has a new competition with prizes. Muris says: I
t's time for another competition GMC!! And since I have this honor to start with "Instructor's Week"
I'm giving myself a freedom to do this a bit differently. The goal is to sound like me!!

So there are 3 ways to participate here, pick one:
1 - Just plug and play without backing (play something on your own)
2- Play over only drum backing (key is up to you)
3- Play over backing with bass and drums, key is E (few options in E tho)

Muris_Competition_BT_Drums_Only.mp3 ( 965.51K ) Number of downloads: 126

Muris_Competition_BT_with_Bass.mp3 ( 965.51K ) Number of downloads: 204

I'm asking for video entries here because I wanna make this even more interesting and I'm strongly advise you also to try putting something like " Muris Look Alike" details!! You can use everything, from glasses to ninja gadgets, open your imagination. I'll be judging here as well and here are upcoming prices!!

1st place.......... Boss DS2-Turbo Distortion

2nd prize....3 sets of Elixir Strings (winner will pick the gauge)

and 3rd place...... my "Let It Out" cd

We have 15 days for this guys, lets see what you're up to!

Here's a cool entry for you...

Muris "sound like me"

Barrett Tagliarino: guitar idol 2009 heat 2

We're nearing the end of HEAT 2:
Heat 2 closes on February 15th 2009 5pm (GMT) Voting will be open throughout the heat. Top 20 by public vote and 20 chosen by the Judges will progress to the final online heat. The 20 Judges choices will be announced before February 20th 2009. If you are not successful in Heat 2 you can re-enter – either with the same entry or a new song – in Heat 3.

This song contains an excessive amount of notes, especially in the second half. The melody uses quick whammy bar scoops. The legato string-skipping arpeggios in the second bridge may be interesting to the technique-oriented guitarist.

Guitar: Jackson Soloist
Amp: Dumble Overdrive Special
Effects used: Whammy pedal on backing track. No other pedals or effects.

Bass: Alexis Sklarevski
Drums: Jon Rygiewicz
Engineered by Billy Burke under the sometimes-watchful eye of his dog, Banjo.

Dust Commander was the winning horse in the 1970 Kentucky Derby.

Dust Commander - Barrett Tagliarino