Joe Satriani: 53% think coldplay copied joe's song

According to musicradar's straw poll:
Joe Satriani's legal action against Coldplay has been one of the talking points of music in 2009. Satriani claims that Coldplay's 2008 song Viva La Vida copied "substantial portions" of his 2004 instrumental If I Could Fly.

And a majority of a MusicRadar users agree with Satriani.

Of nearly 3000 people polled by MusicRadar, the votes were as followed:

Yes: Satriani was copied 53%
No: Coldplay aren't Satch fans 13%
Perhaps: Coldplay are magpies 7%
Maybe: Satriani = desperate 8%
Zzz: I'm bored of it all 17%
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It will be interesting to see what the lawyers and judges decide.