Silvio Gazquez: wins petrucci fever solo contest

Congratulations to Silvio Gasguez in this tight fought competition. I have found it a privilege to work with the other judges to select the final winner.

"With over 60.000 viewers and 122 participants from all over the world, this non-commercial guitar competition far exceeded our expectations!"

Julian Puttins, host and initiator of the contest, just announced the best three entries on his YouTube channel ( Together with 7 renowned judges, including "Guitar Idol 2008" finalists Chris Feener, Muris Varajic and Tom Quayle, he examined all participants regarding composition, technique and sound.

Commented Julian Puttins: "Unlike comparable commercial competitions, all participants have to download and solo over the same backing track! That makes it a totally unique experience!"

Winner and Argentinian web guitar star Silvio Gazquez was followed closely by Ricard Walls and Matias Rengel in second and third place respectively.

After the announcement, Gazquez commented: "It´s a great feeling to be chosen from 121 contestants! It was a great experience and will definitely be a great help extending my global fan base!"

Guitar Solo Contest: Judges´ TOP 3 picks

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