Tony Hernando: actual events

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Actual Events is Tony Hernando's strongest album to date, 11 furious instrumentals with a strong sense of melody and aggressive approach. With a top production, good compositions and a passionate playing by Hernando and one of the best drumming performances in years by Mike Terrana, Actual Events is a heavy sounding yet catchy and interesting album. Spanish guitarist Tony Hernando is one of the most exciting shredders in Europe today. Tony has released 4 solo albums and an outstanding CD/DVD, including the acclaimed “III” and has toured with some of the best players in business, like Andy Timmons and Richie Kotzen. Actual Events shows Hernando's progressive and neoclassical side more than ever, with an influence from the first MacAlpine, Malmsteen and Cacophony records. In addition there are some fusion and classical numbers too, making the record strong and interesting from start to finish. Actual Events has elements that can be found on Tony’s previous releases giving fans something to grasp instantly, and this variety of sound is due to Tony's wide spectrum of musical likes and knowledge, but Actual Events shows more than any other record of his a maturity in composition. Features the drumming of Mike Terrana.

Eyes Of Orion (4:28)
Totem (3:23)
Stones Of Silence (4:16)
Tomorrow’s Rain (1:47)
Land With No Sun (5:44)
Signals Of Aggression (5:26)
State Of Mind (4:28)
Deathly Kiss (5:00)
Side Effects (4:34)
Driven By Fear (6:14)
The Watcher (2:33)