Thörbjorn Englund: winterlong

Winterlong Longing For Winter available from guitar9:

from Winterlong's glorious past remastered on a strictly limited edition 79 minute CD. A must have for all metal fans! Winterlong is the brainchild of Thorbjörn Englund. Proving to be purveyors of some of the finest neo-classical Nordic power metal to have come out of Scandinavia in the 21st century, the band went through a series of line-up changes, yet retained their own identifiable sound for their first 3 albums before changing track to a heavier style of metal for their fourth (and to date last) album "Metal/Technology". Longing For Winter is an ideal starting point for anyone that has yet to sample the Winterlong sound.

Sky Travellers (4:21)
The Priest (4:03)
Northman (4:53)
Blodshred (3:56)
Like Ships In The Night (3:01)
Nosferatu (3:35)
Wild Winter Nights (5:33)
And So We Remember (4:29)
Each Night We Die (4:07)
Twisting Your Tail (4:54)
The Hunter (3:15)
Retaliation (5:17)
Winterlong (5:31)
Judgement Day (3:39)
The Prediction OF M. King Hubbert (5:17)
Dragon Breath (4:45)
The Heartland (5:00)
Elements (3:28)