Sunday, 15 February 2009

George Bellas: step into the future at guitar9

The ever prolific George Bellas is back, less than a year on from his previous solo album "Planetary Alignment" with his boldest and most progressive body of work to date in Step Into The Future. This new album is ultra-modern in style and really reaches out to a futuristic sound in its compositional sense and outlook. The album ranges from the explosive to the ethereal with emotionally stirring segments. Adding to its uniqueness Step Into The Future consists of just one song that is 76 minutes in length. George’s goal on Step Into The Future was to compose ultra-modern sounding music that used composition techniques that he had not previously used on any of his other releases. George comments, “I did not initially plan to write a 76 minute song, it just came out that way. I just kept writing and writing and as more ideas came to me, I eventually realized that this was turning into a behemoth of a song. Itt is composition in the truest and finest sense there is. I really strived for something that captivated my senses with ultra imaginative, highly unique, creative writing." Bellas is backed once again by the ultra impressive drum work of Marco Minnemann.

Anton Oparin: the return of the wunderkind

This little guy plays with amazing ability for one so young... Anton Oparin and Gary Kramer Guitar held a Guitar Clinic @ West L.A. Music.

Anton Oparin - Gary Kramer Guitar - Guitar Clinic Part 1

Anton Oparin - Gary Kramer Guitar - Guitar Clinic Part 2

Paul Gilbert: back stage 1986

And the clips keep on coming! Yes one more from the early years, Paul Gilbert, complete with plenty of hairspray and eyeliner!

Racer X - Backstage @ The Troubadour Club (1986)

Alex Lifeson: talks about dvd in guitar player interview

Excerpt from guitar player magazine interview:
You guys played some tunes on this DVD, like "Circumstances" and "Entre Nous", that haven't been in the set in a while and really make fans go crazy.
We try to work in older songs like those. We bring in a list and try them out in rehearsal, and if we get fired up,we go with them. One tune we tried was "A Farewell to Kings", and it just didn't get us going. We ran it a couple of times and moved on. "Circumstances" had something we really liked. "Entre Nous" is one we had never played live. Those sonngs really do make people happy, and it's rewarding to look out and see so many smiling faces.
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Nick Sterling: playing with guns and roses.. is ron thal out?

According to gnrdaily Nick Sterling was rehearsing with Guns N' Roses yesterday, Friday 13th. read the details... does this mean Ron Thal is out? Nick Sterling recording his 3rd album...

Studio updates coming January 2009

Paul Gilbert: rock pages interview

Paul Gilbert:
I like the philosophy of the company. They are really willing to innovate and try new ideas... and other companies have their own famous guitar, that was made in the 50’s and that’s all they will make for ever, one model. But Ibanez... every year they’ve got new stuff.

And they are always looking to new ways to improve the instrument. I think that philosophy works and I like it, in general. I don’t wanna be stuck in the past, I wanna keep looking to the future.
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Timmo Tolkki: revolution renaissance new cd

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Revolution Renaissance, the new band led by former Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki, has made the title track from its forthcoming album, "Age Of Aquarius". Timmo Tolkki says:
"I just felt this incredibly fresh vibe with these guys and the songs were just flowing," he said. "It was so natural process that it almost felt like the songs were already composed and we just let them be born. It was possible because in Gus and Bruno I finally have found the kindred spirits I have been looking for so long. The results were something that none of us were expecting and yet at the same time, we felt that this record is exactly the way it is supposed to be."

"Age Of Aquarius" will be released on March 25 in Southeast Asia via JVC.

"Age Of Aquarius" track listing:

01. The Age of Aquarius
02. So She Wears Black
03. Ixion's Wheel
04. Kyrie Eleison
05. Revolution Has Begun
06. Sins of My Beloved
07. Behind the Mask
08. Ghost of Fallen Grace
09. Children of the Future
10. The Heart of All

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Andres Ludmer: tribute to tim miller

Andres Ludmer plays a song by Tim Miller, called electric. from his "trio vol 2" cd.

Marcos De Ros: todd who?

Marcos De Ros says:
Todd invite me to play is this song. Hope it sounds ok to you! I try to upload it a few times but youtube always cut the last 2 seconds...
... now which Todd?... ah this Todd... I need to read my emails!

Wrapped - Marcos De Ros on a Todd Techniques song!

Paul Gilbert: little jammer interview

Paul Gilbert video interview with Little Jammer magazine.