Monday, 1 August 2011

News: Android looper and backing track generator

Uloops Music Studio it's a complete composition environment for android devices. Make hi-quality tracks using three concepts: Song, Loop and Devices (including Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Modulators andRecorders). Publish your songs in our community and adapt the work from others to your compositions. More features and screenshots

Rodrigo Rodrigues: Space Dye Vest - tapped

Rodrigo Rodrigues - Space Dye Vest - Dream Theater - Guitar Tapping Version

Pete Pachio: Wrecking Solo

Wrecking Solo by pete-pachio

Sam Bell: seventh stone from the sun

seven string dimarzio pick up testie by Sam Bell Guitarist

Eric Gales: Purple Haze LIVE in Europe 2010

Eric Gales-TM Stevens-Keith LeBlanc -Purple Haze-LIVE in Europe 2010 by Eric Gales

Tom Richardson: left handers delight


Lick of the Week 5 - Tom Richardson lesson

Robbert Hanenberg: melody... melody and did I say melody?!

Melodic Ballad

Melodic Impro - ( Lukather-ish / Landau-ish )

Some jamming - Robbert Hanenberg

Etude - (Guitar - Piano)

Some (shreddy) improvising over a M. Jackson song

Carlo Losavio: Libertango - acoustic live

Libertango ( A.Piazzolla) by Carlo Losavio

Marcos De Ros: more Choro'n'Roll.

Dança da Lagartixa - Live at Venegas Music TV - Marcos De Ros - Choro'n'Roll.

Michael Ruelas: demo tracks from upcoming cd posted.

Michael Ruelas

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Heritage Blues Festival 2010

Joanne Shaw Taylor at Heritage Blues Festival, Wheeling, WV on 8/15/10

Vinnie Moore: guitar messenger interview

LD: Let’s go back to the Shrapnel Days. Amongst that whole stable of artists, you were known for having a really clean picking technique. Can you talk about how you developed that in your shedding days?

VM: I used to do a LOT of right hand picking exercises and it really focused and concentrated me. I grew up and I heard Al DiMeola and he was just a master of picking fast with the staccato and the harmonic minor and I just thought “Wow! That’s amazing! I’ll never be able to do that.” I figured if I could just come close it would be really cool. So I really started to get into that style.

I started doing this workout routine with my right arm. It lasted 60 minutes a day. It was just over and over “upstroke-downstroke,” alternate picking back and forth. I just got way better to the point where the 60 minute workout started to take almost 35. I was getting quicker at it and I could see progress. It helped to not only get my right hand better but to get my left and right hand more in sync with one another.

LD: What was the revelatory Al DiMeola album that first pointed you towards that style and drove you to practice that hard?

VM: Casino. Elegant Gypsy was great, but Casino was my favorite. more

Allan Holdsworth, Richard Hallebeek: happy times

Allan Holdsworth's manager, Allan Holdsworth, Andrea Quartarone, Richard Hallebeek

Now If you are like me... you wish you were there! Both players are at

Marco Sfogli: Ibanez RG Premium - the Reaction

Marco Sfogli e Ibanez RG Premium - The Reaction

See Marco Sfogli live at Jason Becker Fest

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
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Eric Gales: Transformation

photo credit Taro Yoshida

The new album is set for release middle of August (16th) and there has been some video shot over the course of 4 nights in California with guitar maven, Mike Varney.

1. Railroaded
2. Double Dippin'
3. Tortured Mind
4. I Pity The Fool
5. Altered Destiny
6. Time Waits For No One
7. Catchin' Up With The Past
8. Transformation
9. Sometimes Wrong Feels Right
10. Sea Of Bad Blood
11. Too Late To Cry
12. I Wouldn't Treat A Dog That Way

Billy Gibbons: classic Guitar Player interview

Billy Gibbons classic Guitar Player interview

Paul Gilbert: classic guitar player interview

Paul Gilbert classic interview for Guitar Player magazine:

Alex hutchings: Kams Palace 2005 Glastonbury

Kams Palace live in the Jazz Lounge at the 2005 Glastonbury festival - in the mud!

Kams Palace Live at Glasto 05 - Alex hutchings guitar solo

Kevin Glasgow: god like bass tapping + Alex Hutchings

Kevin Glasgow - Beatrice

This was the original video posted Nov 5, 2006 ... lots of bass playing fireworks.

Kevin Glasgow's name & the word Bass

This is Kevin Glasgow with Alex Hutchings in the band Kams Palace back in 2005 at Glastonbury... probably my only reason to attend that event.

Kevin Glasgow Bass solo - Kams Palace live at Glasto 05

With the band Green Goblin

Green Goblin - Vapourised

News: Polyrhythm metronome, surely a fusion players delight!

You can listen to many polyrhythms such as this one here:
Idea is to make videos for all those polyrhythms - to show the capabilities of the metronome and also as a reference and resource for anyone who wants to find out about polyrhythms and listen to examples.
You can play these at any tempo including continually varying tempo with Bounce Metronome Pro - after the download look for the Polyrhythm Metronome in the droplist of metronomes in the main window.
Find out more here:

Polyrhythm metronome in 3D playing: 2/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, 11/4 with 13/4 simultaneously

Yvi Wylde: Classic Meets Pop gig!

Yvi playing her song "Lipstick And Leather" together with the CMP Band at "Classic Meets Pop" 2011, Seidenstickerhalle Bielefeld

Lipstick And Leather

Marty Friedman: Hawaii - Live 1984

Hawaii - Live 1984

Yngwie Malmsteen: In The Dead Of Night - LIVE

There is a story that goes along the lines of Jens Johansson was playing Presto Vivace and Reprise from the UK album in a local music store during an American tour... then in pops Shawn Lane and the two duet on the track... only for Yngwie to see this happening and not be very happy with Jens for the rest of the tour... anyone care to corroborate that?

Anyway, who cares... I think it just shows what great taste Yngwie had covering one of the best progressive albums of the late 1970's, and in my opinion's one of the pest progressive albums of all time. UK - UK, featuring the stunning guitar work of Allan Holdsworth and keyboards of Eddie Jobson and the brilliant drums of Bill Bruford and the vocals of John Wetton.

In this live video it features Mark Boals (in my opinion Yngwie's best singer) . I would love Yngwie to take a more progressive approach to his playing as his legato playing is just awesome.

Yngwie Malmsteen - In The Dead Of Night (U.K cover) live in Italy 1996

Yngwie live at Stockholm 1996-11-12.In the Dead of Night.

of course the real deal

U K - In The Dead Of Night -1978

Randy Rhoads: Guitar Player Award 1981

Randy Rhoads - Guitar Player Award 1981 ( USA TV )

Vinnie Vincent: Japan TV 1987

Vinnie Vincent - Interview on Japan TV 1987

Akira Takasaki: Loudness '' So lonely '' 1988

Loudness '' So lonely '' ( Live Japan TV 1988 )

Edu Ardanuy,Fábio Caiaffa: Blues Guitar solo

Fixed the post... now with added video power... which helps :) I should think of a suitable excuse... like it was my browser closing, or the new blogger, or shred junior deleted the post... or some ufo came along ans interrupted the post... but I suspect I just made a mistake...

Blues Guitar solo - Edu Ardanuy & Fábio Caiaffa

Twice the video power now as there's another one for you.

Edu Ardanuy & Fábio Caiaffa Blues Jam Session

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot - bigfoot

Big Foot by Chickenfoot

Record your video... and be part of the wall

Sloth Chubsteen, Hugh Ferguson: Steinberger Spirit

Sloth Chubsteen has decided to work on his legato chops... so what better to do than get a nice Steinberger guitar from fusion monster Hugh Ferguson!!

Sloth Chubsteen says:
Just ordered a steinberger guitar! Should be here next week. Gonna pretend that I am Allan Holdsworth with it, LOL. One can dream! ... Yep, I am an 80's junkie and huge Allan Holdsworth fan =) These guitars are so light and comfortable to play. Because of the tuning system, You can beat on the tremelo bar and they still stay in tune!

Milan Polak: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape WINNERS

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - TOP 3 Polak has teamed up with Ernie Ball Music Man to present to you the ultimate Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge!

The Judges:Derek Brooks:
Laurie Monk:
Julian Puttins:
Milan Polak:

The Winners:
1st Felipe Praino: (Wah Pedal $249 retail)
2nd Morten Faerestrand: Gig Bag Amp-Powered By Marshall $199 retail)
3rd Dhalif: (Volume Pedal JR $120 retail)
Bonus prize Silvio Gazquez: year Ernie Ball strings endorsement)

Watch Milan Polak perform "Dreamscapes" live: Milan Polak demonstrate the Ernie Ball Gigbag Amp: All video Responses: Milan Polak's music: Song in this Video:"Dreamscapes" from Milan Polak's CD Dreamscapes (Lion Music) feat. Thomas Lang on drums: Milan Polak wants to thank Derek Brooks & Kevin Scoles at Ernie Ball Music Man, Laurie Monk and Julian Puttins.

Sunny Dsouza: them blues just keep coming

Overdrive Trio - Midlife Blues

Sunny Dsouza: Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues

Otis Carlos: 8 finger tapping jam

8 finger tap technique.(pull offs,hammer ons & tap) improvisation using pentatonic scale.i'm backed by my drum box only. ends with normal alternate pick. Very cleverly filmed by my friend Steve Martin (not the movie star) who has a daughter named Lindsay with red hair (also not the movie star) .hope u like my messy room.Comment.

Guitar Rock Solo 8 finger tapping with drum Track MOV043.avi

Brice Delage: Potvin Guitars - Killer Bee

Brice Delage ( demos the Killer Bee at the 2011 Montreal Guitar Show.
The Killer Bee is one of three new models that make up the Super Bee Series (along with the Super Bee and the Swing Bee).
For more info please visit our website or find us on Facebook
For more of Brice's excellent playing, visit

Potvin Guitars - Killer Bee demo