Darrell Lance Abbott: Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness tutorial DVD

Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness tutorial DVD features 97 classic Dimebag Darrell metal riffs and patterns as recorded and performed with legendary metal groups Pantera and Damageplan. Hosted and taught by Dime's good friend and protégé Nick Bowcott, each lesson covers essential creative aspects to playing the guitar like Dimebag such as intention, attitude, and feeling underlying each pattern. Picture-in-picture fret and pick action footage depict every performance nuance in a clear and player-friendly tutorial setting. Topics include: killer rhythm guitar, power grooves, pick squeals, psychotic syncopation, holes of silence, chromatics, diabolical dyads, and much more.
Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness DVD
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Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness DVD trailer