Jonas Tamas,Mats Haugen: Circus Maximus guitarist added to upcoming CD

Circus Maximus guitarist Mats Haugen completes all-star guest player lineup on the forthcoming album of Jonas Tamas

United States. Australia. England. Sweden. Germany. The Netherlands. Estonia. It seems that the best players of the whole world have joined forces to form one of the best possible guest player lineups.

The list sounds like a Hall of Fame of the rock/metal music: Troy Stetina. Brett Garsed. Andy James. Mattias IA Eklundh. Thorsten Koehne. Mischa Mang. Marcel Coenen. Sergey Boykov. They all liked what Jonas Tamas had to offer on his upcoming second instrumental album 'Timeless Hour', and they all were kind enough to not only contribute to the album, but they all have come up with amazingly inspired pieces of music.

But a country was still missing from the list. A remarkable country in the metal scene, with tons of great bands. This country is Norwegia.

And yes, it was missing only because we have saved the good news for last. Now, within only a few weeks of releasing the album 'Timeless Hour', it is high time to announce one of the best players of a whole genre. And he is from Norwegia, from Oslo to be more precise. So without further ado...

Norwegian guitar virtuoso Mats Haugen, songwriter and guitar player of the progressive metal bandCircus Maximus completes the all-star guest player lineup on the forthcoming album of Jonas Tamas. Mats has recorded a mindblowing solo for the song 'Borderline' in his trademark style, combining soaring melodies with intense chops, in a perfect balance.

This song contains a 'guitar conversation' between Mats Haugen and Andy James. Andy is starting the solo section and as he finishes his part with a stellar run and a soaring bend, Mats takes it over seamlessly, and continues the lead with style and finesse. This section is without a doubt one of the highlights of the album, culminating in a virtuoso keyboard solo by Sergey Boykov from the bandShadow Cry.

Circus Maximus is a Norwegian progressive metal quintet from Oslo. They employ the use of symphonic, power and glam metal influences in their vocals along with synthesizers and occasional keyboards. As of 2011, they have released two albums, The 1st Chapter in 2005 and Isolate in 2007 and are planning to release a new album soon.

With other influences varying from pop/rock through classical progressive rock to heavy metal and death metal, their music synergized into a mixture of melodic and groovy sound with lots of heavy riffs and odd time-signatures. In the musical press their sound has been compared to Dream Theater, Symphony X, Queensr√Ņche, TNT, Shadow Gallery, Pretty Maids, Helloween and the like.

If you haven't heard Circus Maximus yet, then be sure to check them out straight away, it might be one of your great discoveries. They create a whole world with full of contrasts and excitement, at the same time being as catchy and groovy as anyone can get.

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