Greg Howe: Buenos Aires clinic date

Clinic-Master Class guitar GREG HOWE
Time · 09 September 17:30 - 20:30
Location Auditorio del Pilar - Vicente Lopez 1999 - Recoleta - Buenos Aires
Created by: Michelin Lucila

"Usually I start clinics with a show playing popular songs that I recorded with a backing track. Then
I review some specific techniques unique and unusual use and then keep playing and answering questions from the audience. Questions are usually very deep in terms of technique and lead me to more specific themes of harmony and composition. This is the basic format of the clinical touch and answer questions from the
audience. " Tickets for sale: Follies: 2483 Monroe Save the People: Av bravo mario Cordoba 3521 esq. Bayres Study: Av Corrientes 1785 piso 1 "B" (corner Callao) Tel: 4371-6544 M to V: 10:00 to 22:30 am / Sat & Sun 10 to 20hs. www .
Greg Howe en Argentina!!