Andee Blacksugar: This Music Has No Feelings

The indulgence, whimsy and aural mischief keep coming, but this time the guitar gymnastics are bathed in an almost unreasonably generous dose of mel-OH-dee. Could it be that even regular people (that includes females and non-guitar aficionados) will find something musically edifying in This Music Has No Feelings??!

The only way to find out is to listen. go hit that PLAY button.

**buy the album and get four hidden bonus tracks ("Birthers", "Pacer recaP", "Roger & Me" and "Inverted V")!!

Reviews of Volume 1: Crop Circles:

"A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works...its exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO

"Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing. Really clever compositions and soundscapes...the best guitar album I've heard in years!" - ANDY WOOD, Down From Up

When Andee Blacksugar is not busy helming his "highly destructive dance-rock" outfit Black Sugar Transmission, touring the world with Acey Slade and the Dark Party or tending to his hair, he records stacks and stacks of stream-of-consciousness instrumentals like those featured on this, his fourth official instrumental release under the Sheer Velocity moniker.

The purpose is to explore concepts on the guitar and stretch the limits of his instrumental abilities, but Sheer Velocity is also a creative palette-cleansing, which drains off the more bizarre and indulgent musical notions that rattle around in this songwriter's head.

Each piece is conceived, written, recorded and mixed in one sitting. During particularly prolific periods, as many as two or three of these are finished in a day's time. An avid pop music fanatic who writes catchy electro-rock songs by day, Andee uses these sessions to exorcise the darker, more warped and decidedly anti-pop tendencies of his musical persona. Oh, and to shred gratuitously on his Stratocaster. He played and programmed all of the parts you hear, and records exclusively in his Brooklyn apartment under the influence of copious amounts of hubris.

Generally bored by most instrumental guitar music, Andee is nonetheless quite taken by the work of Jeff Beck and Marty Friedman, among a few others.

Andee has collaborated with artists as diverse as Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Dug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill (King's X), Boy George and Scissor Sisters. And he loves talking about himself in the third person.

Sheer Velocity videos: