Tom Quayle: Shred Knowledge 5 star review!

Essential Fusion Scales - Diminished Scale Harmony and Application This huge tutorial is an essential purchase for any budding rock, blues or fusion players wanting to inject some real and exciting fusion sounds into their playing. The diminished scale is THE sound of modern fusion and can produce some of the coolest lines in music if used correctly. In this lesson Tom not only teaches the scale but gives you in depth applications of these new sounds and provides a great starting point with 10 cool, fresh sounding licks and 5 professional backing tracks to get you going. If you re a fusion beginner then this tutorial will give you an awesome introduction to some new sounds in an approachable manner. For more advanced players, Tom goes in depth with modern diminished scale harmony and it s application. Incredible value at only $25 This tutorial contains: - 2 Full 1080p HD Videos - 50mins long 5 Great Backing tracks to jam to 10 fresh sounding and exciting fusion licks Video demonstration & breakdown of each lick Example recorded solos for each backing track 2 high quality PDF files explaining each concept in detail
Tom takes us through step by step from the very foundation of the scale its intervals and scale shapes to every intricate depth chordal and superimposition elements this "The Scale of Fusion" has to offer. I can't say enough how deep this lesson goes in its theory and backed up by great licks of which there are 10 that advance into incredible complexity as they move through each lick, there's stuff I've never seen done here and I've seen alot. The interval expansion you'll get and pathways learn through lines you willlearn is exiting enough and worth the few shekels it costs. Then the great 5 cool backing tracks to make the scale work over the scenarios Tom teaches plus the PDF that is Packet full with theory scales chords diagrams and info , this really is a MUST. I was very impressed with the explanations and overall sound and incredibly good video quality , at a huge screen expanded there was not jelly or pix-elation its a really professional lesson pack and very very good.. more
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