Dave Martone, Glen Drover: worldwide webcast - book a date in your diaries!

from bravewords
On Sunday September 25th at 3PM EDT, Magna Carta Recording artists DAVE MARTONE and former KING DIAMOND/MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover will take part in an historic performance that will be webcast worldwide as part of the Live At Metalworks series from Mississauga, Canada. The webcast can be seen at http://live.magnacarta.net/

Magna Carta has long been known for being a leading independent label producing and distributing some of the best talent on the contemporary music scene with an emphasis on musical virtuosity. Both Dave Martone and Glen Drover have produced critically acclaimed albums for the label, showcasing their world class talents as guitarists and composers. Dave and Glen individually have developed fans and followers throughout the world who have been impressed with both their technical abilities and emotional depth as artists. Both guitarists will be backed by their own group of outstanding musicians making this both a showcase of amazing talent and an informal “clinic” for musicians around the globe.

Now Magna Carta will break ground by presenting both artists in a manner in which very few independent label artists have been seen: live webcasting with superior audio and video capabilities at no cost to the audience who will be able to receive the webcast worldwide. One of the foremost webcasting companies in this field, Orchard TV, will be providing these technological services.

Live At Metalworks refers to the Metalworks group of companies including award-winning Metalworks Studios the most renowned and recognized recording facility in Canada for more than 30 years. The September 25 webcast of Dave Martone and Glen Drover will be presented from the facility's newly completed North Auditorium.

The webcast will also be available as an archive on the Magna Carta website as well as clips being available on YouTube after the live webcast.

Peter Morticelli, President of Magna Carta, says “With Dave Martone from Vancouver and Glen Drover from Toronto, we not only have two of the greatest guitar talents that Canada has ever produced but we have two musicians that have made their mark internationally. The September 25 webcast will allow both of these great players to showcase their abilities to the world via the internet. Magna Carta is proud to be able to present a milestone event such as this.”

Worldwide webcast times:
- 12 Noon - Los Angeles, USA
- 3 PM - Toronto, Canada/ New York, USA
- 8 PM - London, UK
- 9 PM - Paris, France
- 4 AM - Monday -Tokyo, Japan