Friday, 1 May 2009

Michael Lee Ostrander: track from tomb of the unknown shredder!

Michael Lee Ostrander performing his song "Den of Iniquity" from his "Tomb of the Unknown Shredder" CD

AGT on MySpace Video Submission

Kiko Loureiro: argentina gig


Posted By: Carina Alfie guitar a gig with Kiko
When: Wednesday, Jun 3, 2009 8:00 PM


"KIKO LOUREIRO" ANGRA guitarist in Argentina! Presenting "No Gravity" and "Universo Inverso" WEDNESDAY JUNE 3-20hs In: TEATRO IFT-BOULOGNE SUR MER 549 (Capcidad limited) Guests: CARINA ALFIO and POWER TRIO Advance ticket sales to $ 80 per e-mail:

Arkadiy Starodoub: hybrid techniques number 1 revisisted

When I posted theis video for Arkaidy Starodoub at his request, little did I know that it would spread so massively when it was downloaded and the added to youtube by hackologue and I guess neither did Arkadiy Starodoub.... I went back to see how well it's doing. It has more ratings than many have visits... these are the statistics.

Favourited: 10,950 times
Ratings: 10,934 ratings 4.5 stars
Views: 2,782,641 views

I still look forward to more video from Arkadiy Starodoub, but he's a busy family man as well as extraordinary guitar talent. Anyway my best wishes got Ark and his family.

Hybrid Technics Number 1, Guitar Fusion

Todor Peev: checking the new diezel head

Todor Peev is one part of the guitar duo Spiraless with Atanas Shishkov. Both players have a pretty respectable technique and I've enjoyed the videos, so I order the CD and was really impressed with songs.

Todor Peev says:
Diezel VH4 lead sound 3rd chanel with a bit of delay (Eventide Time Factor), straight to the camera microfone and some playback.

Diezel VH4 New Lead

Faraz Anwar: more tv coverage for guitar idol!

Faraz Anwar got some more TV coverage, he reamins in third position on the online final, where you can vote Autumn Madnessfor him.

Faraz Anwar TV coverage

Nicholas Scott: fox17 news for guitar idol final attempt!

Well done to Nicholas Scott for the TV coverage for his latest attempt on the guitar idol final. Kudos to all the players doing all they can to get to the London final.

watch the video

Nicholas Scott shreds... so vote

Wozzeck Reply

plus his fist round entry

Nicholas Scott- Return of the Dinocorn (Guitar Hero Competition)

Pablo Mendoza: my destiny... guitar idol finalist


Enjoys one of the best musical works the Guitarist and Composer qualified Pablo Mendoza "My Destiny".

Pablo Mendoza is considered to be the soloist of the highest order for guitar in Venezuela, being characterized for having taken part in the opening of the concerts of Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani, sharing the stage together with the latter.

Nowadays Paul Mendoza is the only(unique) Artist Venezolano supported by the brands(marks) recognized Ernie Ball and Laney.

You will enjoy original tracks under the style Rock Fusion, of which two tracks that contain letter, interpreted by two big Venezuelan singers.

Do not stop to spend(pass) the opportunity to have quality music, original and valued national and internationaly.


This is Pablo Mendoza's guitar idol entry:


News: what if everything were made by microsoft


I'm in the mood for humour... are you? enjoy

News: swine flu hits truth in shredding towers


Looks like the Sine Flu... now known more catchly as H1N1... is the big thing in town as Shred Junior seniors school is closed as a result of a possible outbreak:
There is laboratory confirmation that a 12-year-old pupil at Downend School has tested positive for virus A H1N1, commonly known as swine ‘flu. On the advice of the Health Protection Agency, the school will be closed for a week as a precautionary measure.

The pupil concerned has recently returned from Mexico and her symptoms so far are mild. Precautionary steps have been taken to minimise the risk to pupils and staff, whose welfare is paramount.

Antiviral drugs were issued to year 7 students this afternoon to reduce any possible spread of infection. The drugs will also be offered to teaching staff and pupils from other year groups who have had contact with the affected pupil.
full post... he thinks it's great as he won't have to go to school... watch this space...

Dudley Ross: 28 years in the making...

Vigier endorsee Dudley Ross will release his debut album, ‘The Note That Told A Thousand Tales’ on 27th April 2009.

Dudley Ross "widdle" 1

The album, which took twenty-eight years to write and seven months to record features some of the worlds finest musicians; Fellow Vigier endorsee Christophe Godin (Metal Kartoon & The Mörgibl Trio), Simon Foster (The Flying Pickets), Jonathan Noyce (Jethro Tull, Gary Moore), Paul Booth (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton), Sharon D Clarke (Killer Queen in We Will Rock You) and Jason McCluskey (White City, Zambu).

Dudley Ross "widdle" 2

Dudley, who is known for his work with the powerhouse rock band SIZEN (, had the opportunity to show another side to his composition with tracks ‘Only You Know’, a beautiful jazz ballad and ‘CT’, a homage to African music.
There is also plenty of rock on the album, with tracks such as ‘G&R’, where Dudley and Christophe Godin go head to head in a blistering instrumental.

You can get your hands on ‘The Note That Told A Thousand Tales’ directly from Dudley’s website (

music samples

Vigier Demo - Dudley Ross playing PFC @ Oxford Guitar Gallery 01/12/07

The album: