Dannyjoe Carter: shredding across the world

I just received confirmation from Dannyjoe Carter that he's set to appear on the third release in the series: "Shred Across The World Volume III". The CD is set to be released on June 9th 2009 from ShredGuy records.

These are the two previous releases
Shredding Across the World...Volume One

Shredding Across The World...Volume Two

Tracy G (DIO)
* Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY)
* Neal Grusky (TAKARA)
* Michael Harris (THOUGHT CHAMBER)
* Janne Stark (OVERDRIVE)
* John Jaunese
* Gregg Livesay (LIVESAY)
* Toby Knapp (ONWARD)
* Stephen Ross
* Ron Cannella
* Pete Pachio
* Adrian English
* Mathias Holm
* Tom Kopyto
* Mike Abdow
* Jeremy Barnes

Plus "Christopher Woods Guitars" have givien Dannyjoe Carter a full endorsement and have made a "Dannyjoe Carter" signature model guitar which Dannyjoe designed. In addition Seymour Duncan now makes a "DJC90" signature pickup for Dannyjoe Carter too.

An example of one of the more exotic options first the XLR8 Guitar

two more with cool graphics