News: IE8 proven to fail the shred test!

Yes... that's right Microsoft programmers don't like guitar shredding! In the latest web browser statistics you can see IE8 is just missing. I have a number of emails saying it's not working in IE8... I tested and tried it myself and can confirm it's busted. I looked at the problem, the error message is worse than useless and there appears to be little or no way to fix the problem with out ripping out chunks of functionality and testing... if time was plentiful may be I would look into this, but it's not.

google analytics
1. Firefox 10,166 43.94%
2.Internet Explorer 8,756 37.85%
3.Safari 2,518 10.88%
4.Chrome 829 3.58%
5.Opera 679 2.93%
6.Mozilla 69 0.30%
7.Mozilla Compatible Agent 52 0.22%
8.Opera Mini 28 0.12%
9.Camino 12 0.05%
10.Playstation 3 10 0.04%

So what's to do... well just use an older version of IE or download vastly superior web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome... you won't be sorry... it appears there are too many salesmen at Microsoft and not enough developers, always a recipe for disaster...