John 5: indiana clinics

A brace of videos featuring John 5 during his current clinic tour.

John 5 Clinic 09 in Indiana Black Widow of La Porte

John 5 Clinic 09 in Indiana Sounds of Impalement

John 5 appears at the national guitar workshop
Los Angeles, CA – July 5-10 2009
Classic to Prog Rock Bass
Mojo Room
Monster Soloist
Ultimate Rock Drums
Whole Lotta Zeppelin

How does one define John 5? Is he rock? Is he country? Is he heavy metal? What about emo, industrial, or bluegrass? Truth is, there is no one set genre to fit John 5. In a world where music must be defined, John 5 breaks every mold by continually changing and adapting his style. Although he is unmistakably John 5 in his sound, he mixes around with the foundation with every new track he writes, every album he guests on, and every time he picks up the guitar.