Rob Chappers: top banana

More cool things from Mr Chappers on the way... but If I mentioned them he would have to kill me... not doubt with some monkey poison darts... so enough said... but a small tip practice your chops and video skills as there is another mega prize on the way!

In the meantime, you want to rock... then look no further... this is the guitar DVD for you:

Rob Chappers says:
I have a Guitar Tuition DVD available to buy:

Exercises for Economy and alternate picking
Hand positioning and ergonomics
Legato and sweeping
Rock/Blues Licks
Scale connection
Pro tips on developing speed & accuracy.

Please note I don't use any effects pedals in this video... not one! The guitar is a PRS SC245 and is entirely stock. Also you may want to check out my intervalic CD (Which covers the foundation theory for modal playing) because it's great... I even use it and I made it ha ha!! It's kinda my secret weapon... Its £9.99 plus p&p, Check out for all the details.

Now on to more Monkey Mad mayhem from the Chappers himself!

Orange Rockerverb 50 Metal - PRS SC245

How to get Endorsed in the music industry - Step by step guide

Tibetan Cloud Dream from the EP Red Dream by Rob Chapman is available to download from iTunes

Tibetan Cloud Dream - By Rob Chapman LTD FX401 & Orange Rockerverb 50