Damir Puh: tribute to steve vai

Damir Puh says:
This is my take of the classic Steve Vai track "For the love of god". It's my all-time favorite song, so I tried to play it without improvising too much. It's my 3rd attempt to record this piece, after string breaking / trem-arm-popping-out / old-battery-in-the-wah-pedal experiences, so I hope you'll like it. :)

For backing track I used "For the love of god" track from Vai's "Naked Tracks" package. For more info, go to vai.com, I strongly recommend to check the stuff out, Vai fan or not.

For all the gearheads, the chain on this one was: Jackson PS-4 (stock MiJ) - Vox V847 wah - Line6 POD2.0 - Soundcraft mixer - PC.

I hope you'll enjoy it.