News: LIMS 2009 new equipment launches announced

The number one show for music demonstrates how innovation goes hand in hand with sound and style. The London International Music Show features over 200 of the most famous instrument manufacturers displaying the coolest new innovations and the most exciting gear the music world has to offer.

The show brings together the world’s top manufacturers who together have already confirmed more than eighty new products will be launched at the show. In a series of features we will be announcing over the next few days PRODUCT LAUNCHES at the London International Music Show:

New Product Launches Part 1:

• From Adam Hall J8
o LD Premium: range of loudspeakers.
• From Gear4Music H14
o Digital Drums 502-J Electronic Kit
o New Active PA Speaker Range; 10” 180 Watt,12” 280 Watt and a 15” 330 Watt speakers
o Full Active PA Rig: designed so that the setup can either be used as a complete 1.3K rig with Sub and Top cabs, or for smaller gigs the 12” Cabs.
o Black Knight Guitars: complete new range.
o White Horse Drum Kits: new models include a Stage and a Studio kit, plus a unique ‘Jungle’ style kit.
o Minster baby Pianos: Two models, retailing at £999 and £1299. They will form part of a ‘Grand for a grand’ campaign.

• From Alchemea College F14
o Diploma Course in Live Sound Engineering

• From High Tech Distribution G5
o UK Premiere of Vigier G.V. Series Guitars
o UK Premiere Vigier 2009 limited edition Bumblefoot signature model guitars
o UK Debut Rapco shrink-wrap cables: USA hand soldered cables that.
• From IBCT H22 (G7th Stand)
o Range of High Grade Acoustic Guitars.

• From Strings & Things J6
o Sterling by Musicman: new range of medium priced guitars and basses licensed by Musicman. The range has four guitars ( including – John Petrucci Signature model ) and three bass models.
o Musicman 25th Anniversary Guitars & Basses
o Big Al Bass guitar - new Musicman bass guitar.

The LIMS organisers can now announce a new retail section at the show with a dedicated area for visitors wishing to purchase gear. There will be a fantastic selection of products from sheet music to drum kits, and whether it’s a small accessory or a dream guitar, this will be one of the UK’s most impressive collections of gear for sale under one roof.

Thursday 11th Trade & Preview Day 10am - 7pm - Retail Hall SHUT

MFY Friday 12th Education Day 10am - 5pm - Retail Hall OPEN

Saturday 13th Public Day 10am - 6pm - Retail Hall OPEN

Sunday 14th Public Day 10am - 5pm - Retail Hall OPEN