Brent Mason: get brent to smoke your album!

Big news to all producers and artists out there -

Brent is very proud to announce that his new overdub studio is up and running, and has officially begun taking session work from home!

Ever dreamed of having Nashville's finest personally recording on your project but have not had the means to travel to Nashville or alternatively go through the lengthy and expensive process of booking a studio and organizing a session?

Well now that dream can become reality, whether you need world-class guitar playing for just one solo or for an entire record, the answer is here.


Brent Mason himself has recently set up a state-of-the-art home ProTools studio setup, which allows him to record guitar tracks in any format over a simple mp3 guide track or click tempo, and send them them back instantly via standard email - ready to drop right back into your project for the standard mixing and mastering process.

Say goodbye to cartage bills, scheduling and recording time restraints. Brent offers total satisfaction; in tone, performance and efficiency - as well as superb rates!

Just email to get a quote or find out more.