Monday, 4 May 2009

George Bellas: studio tour and more

George Bellas is an incredibly busy guy, creating new music, providing professional tuition, recording other peoples music, building web sites, providing sagely advice, video editing... the list goes on... one great thing he has with the new web site is the studio tour... Fender fans will no doubt be in raptures.... check out the new podcasts

In the mean time check out another George Bellas track, this time with a Gibson Les Paul!

George Bellas: When The Angels Sing

Gus Drax: hard at work on the new cd, but still time for some guitar idol votes!

I managed to catch up with Gus Drax this evening to find out about the progress of his new solo CD. He let me know that he's a good way into the release and the CD is set to feature some name players from the guitar and keyboard world... so I will try and find out who those guys are for you as soon as I can. In the mean time Gus Drax has his video in the guitar idol competition: vote


Kiko Loureiro: new cd, new web site

As reported earlier... a new CD, now new web site:

plus blogger:


plus the shop where you can get cheaper than Japanese prices for the new CD:

Launched in 2009, Fullblast is the third solo work of Kiko Loureiro, Angra's guitarist (the first and the second is No Gravity, Universe Reverse). All songs were composed and arranged by him. See comments below.

Kiko Loureiro - Guitars, Keyboards, Programming and Percussion Addition
Felipe Andreoli - Bass Guitar
Mike Terrana - Drums
DaLua - Percussion
Yaniel Matos - Guest on "Whispering", playing Rhodes

Track List:

1. Headstrong
2. Desperado
3. Cutting Edge
4. Excuse Me
5. If delivery, Corisco!
6. The Clairvoyance
7. Corrosive Voices
8. Whispering
9. Outrageous
10. Green World
11. Pura Vida
12. The It Is, Infinite

News: taking the cigar box to another dimension!


Cigar box Double neck guitar

Charlie Hunter: 8 string heaven

Charlie Hunter, solo 8-string guitar. "Recess", 2004

Charlie Hunter - Recess

Mark Lown: snew tribute to holdsworth

You remember this:
Allan simply SMOKES on two incredible solos. The first is Allan on electric guitar and the second on Synth-Axe. All the while Snew lay it down like only they know how, raw, sleazy and over the top. Allan Holsworth playing Deep Purple? Snew playing with Allan Holdsworth? This is a MUST HAVE for ALL Snew AND Allan Holdsworth fans. GET IT NOW after this it will only be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and Amazon... or Highway Star

The Homes of Snew

Snew space:
Snew tube:

Well Mark Lown cops some Holdsworth feel in this video to the snew

Allan Holdsworth - Snew - Highway Star solo copy - Mark Lown

Claudio Mariola: shredding for guitar idol votes


Claudio Mariola says:
I had fun improvising on a tension-release chord progression. I built my guitar with Warmoth woods. Pick ups are Seymour Duncan Hotrails. The little guy on the right is Mesa Boogie Triaxis, what a tone!

Claudio Mariola - Funk Improvisation

plus the guitar idol entry still looking for votes:

Claudio Mariola - Empty Streets

Marcos De Ros: killer guitars tv show!

Marcos De Ros in his TV show "Descendo a Lenha" (Killer Guitars). It's a TV show that it's on air for all Brazil weekly, inside the "Stay Heavy" program. Lots of fun doing it!

#1 "Descendo a Lenha" - (Killer Guitars) with legends. Marcos De Ros.

Hedras Ramos: working them angels

The little guy from Guatemala is doing everything he can to get to the guitar idol finals. News papers, radio, blogs, church, you name it this guys done it! He represents all that's good about guitar players who want to get known... it takes sheer hard work and dedication... plus, and in no small measure, the ability to play the guitar at a very high level!

OK so tonight Hedras got featured on a christian news channel for "Vivo lo Quiero"

Vivo lo Quiero - Hedras Ramos

and blogs!
Hedra is currently promoting her new material and be involved in Music to make their excellent talent, the 1st of May was spent in Chimaltenango (Guatemala) event organized by Roca Firme Records (with pending more information Event Photos)

plus a Christain web site all keen to promote not just a guitar player but:
Hedra Ramos has great potential not only to represent Central America and Guatemala, but representing the people believe, because their faith is a clear sign to follow Christ and honor Him with their talents.

You can vote for the young boy with a big heart

Some interesting discussion about promotion on the guitar idol forum

News: some tips for building your online presence.


All about jazz pointed out this site... save me some time as it mentions all my main bug bears with Site designers who rip off guitar players. My opinion is you need a CMS, and style sheet templates. Wordpress, Blogger, google sites all have the right tools, combine this with a youtube for your videos and myspace (orkut as well of South Americas), plus twitter, feedburner for your RSS feed, google analytics for your web stats, flikr or picasa for images updates and your sorted. Tell that stupid "web designer" to go away and do some real work... (NB there are some good web designers too, it's just they don't appear to want to work for struggling guitar players).

1. Don't Build Your Site Using Only Flash - Unless properly planned in the design stages, Flash cannot be indexed by search engines.

2. Don't Build Your Site Only With Images - Again much harder for the search engines to find.

3. Use Key Words In Your Content - Make it easy for search engines to know this is a band site (your band's site) and not something else. In addition to words like guitar and drums consider a static page that is" focused solely on band facts - member info, publicity quotes, simple description of the band's sound, detailed discographies, and more"

4. Don't Just Rely Meta Tags - These hidden string of key words were all the rage, but search engines caught on and have devalued their use in rankings. (more on meta tags)

5. Develop A Link Strategy - The quality of both incoming and outgoing links matter to search engines. Find them, trade for them, put them on your site.

6. Don't Overlook Alternative Search Types - People don't just search for words. They search for images, documents and media like mp3's and videos too. Get them on your site and make sure that they are named properly.

7. Utilize Analytics - No where your traffic is coming and what they are clicking on using free tools like Google Analytics and Urchin

News: scribd a great guitar resource


Lots of great guitar books... looking for something to take you further?

The Joe Pass Guitar Method The Joe Pass Guitar Method nik0la The Joe Pass Guitar Method

News: SellaBand closing accounts that are not active.


Announcement: Profile Deactivation
SellaBand has successfully helped 30 artists fund raise their album, 20 albums have already been released and many artists are currently trying to reach their recording budget with help of their fans. Over the last 2.5 years we have seen an overwhelming interest of almost 10000 artists that signed up for SellaBand. A great score that we feel absolutely proud of! Of course SellaBand is not the best solution for everybody. Some artists signed a deal with a record label, some split up and some are trying their luck elsewhere. This means we currently have a lot of inactive accounts on our site.

Many of you told us this is unfortunate because it makes it more difficult to find active artists. That is why we will start deactivating artist profiles of artists who haven’t logged in to their profiles during the past 6 months. These artists will no longer be visible on our website and the investments will be returned to the Believers.

All concerned artists have received a notification last month and we will start deactivating profiles this week. This way we want to make it easier for music fans to not only discover great new music but to offer a pool of active and committed artists who are focused on reaching their goal.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at

News: open house at ngw


Litchfield, CT—May 4, 2009 – The National Guitar Workshop is excited to announce our Purchase Campus Open House on May 30th from 1-4pm at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. The open house is free and open to the public.

During the open house we will have clinics by guitarists Brian Seeger, Dennis McCumber and bassist Casandra Faulconer.

As director of the NGW Jam Summit, Brian has developed a unique experience based around creating spontaneous music no matter what the style. Dubbed “One of New Orleans’ best jazz guitarists,” by Gambit Weekly, Brian Seeger is on the forefront of the New Orleans music scene. His performance and recording credits include Aaron Neville, Charlie Hunter, Big John Patton, Chris Wood, Jason Marsalis, Davell Crawford, Stanton Moore, Johnny Vidacovich, Theresa Andersson, Delmark Records tenorman Ed Petersen, Zachary Richard, Rebecca Paris, and many others. This summer you can study with Brian at our Jam Summit in Purchase, NY from July 26 – 31 with special guests Jimmy Herring and Oteil Burbridge. You can find out more about Brian through his website

Dennis McCumber has been a guitar instructor and performer for more than 20 years. he holds a Bachelor's degree in music education from The College of Saint Rose. Dennis performs regularly in the New York City area with various Rock, Blues, and Funk bands. Come study with Dennis this summer as he will be giving seminars at both our Chicago and Purchase campuses.

Dennis can be found at

Bassist Casandra Faulconer, originally from Canada now splits her time between NYC and New Orleans. Lately you can find Casandra touring with blues guitarist Debbie Davies in addition to a number of other jam, jazz, soul and funk groups. Casandra will be educating the future torch bearers of the low end with seminars in Chicago and Purchase, NY. Check out for more info.

Also during the open house we will be giving away tuition discounts, special prizes and more! Make sure to bring your instrument as well since we will have jam rooms set up.

For a complete list of dates, locations, guest artists and classes offered please check out our website

If you are interested in connecting with other musicians and learning more about National Guitar Workshop from a student’s perspective, you can join our free community site

About National Guitar Workshop:

The National Guitar Workshop is celebrating over25 years of providing high quality music education to students of all ages. The curriculum is wide ranging with courses in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Songwriting, Music Technology and Classical. NGW offers expert instruction for guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and vocalists.

Contact:Jason Shadrick
Marketing and Guest Artist Relations
800-234-6479 x103

Alexandre Bicudo: getting guitar idol coverage


Alexandre Bicudo gets some web promotion:
Because it is difficult to speak of good musicians in Pernambuco without knowing the work of Alexandre Bicudo. The guy is rated to the end of "Guitar Idol", considered the greatest competition for guitarists in the world. Bicudo was among 120 finalists after a "peneirão" with more than 2 thousand musicians from four corners of the planet.
full translated post

This is certainly one of the more sophisticated tracks entered for the final: vote


Alexander Vynograd: 8 string acoustic majesty

A range of acoustic videos played by Alexander Vynograd on an 8 string acoustic guitar. Including "chin muting"!!!

Alexander Vynograd plays J.S. Bach's Choral Prelude BWV 639

Alexander Vynograd 8 String Guitar BWV847 Finger Sequencing

Alexander Vynograd - Flight of the Bumblebee 220 bpm

Shawn Lane: aga of the ladies

A fan says:
The Best guitarist who ever lived and was more humble than anyone alive today, In this song he plays some east west fusion uniting players from:

India (Vinkarayam brothers on vocals and tabla),
Sweden ( jonas hellborg)
Germany (jeff sipe)
U.S.A. (Shawn from Tennessee)

shawn was a true person to look up to, most of the picking techniques he played with cannot be emulated by players today,and allowed him to play alot faster and clearer,
using only the necessary notes to invoke a sense of wonder and allow you to travel in time with him. If we consider the group of virtuoso guitar players out there today shawn would be the first in line from his shredding in 1977!!

if you went to this concert I envy you : D

Aga Of The Ladies Excerpt Shawn Lane

Thiago Trinsi: making icelandic news headlines for guitar idol

I can't speak Icelandic, plus I could not find a translation tool to do this... so if anyone can translate let me know what this article says.

You can vote for his two handed tapping piece:

John Petrucci: black clouds and silver linings pre order

Black Clouds and Silver Linings Pre-Order

Dream Theater's Latest Progressive Metal Masterpiece
Includes "A Rite Of Passage" & "Wither"
Dream Theater return with Over 70 Minutes of New Music


DREAM THEATER - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set)
The mighty Dream Theater returns with their 10th studio album. 'Black Clouds & Silver Linings' finds the much-imitated, never-duplicated band in a particularly adventurous mode this time around!!!

Pre-order the DELUXE COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX SET and receive an exclusive code to download 5 of the newly recorded cover songs. 1 track per week will be released, beginning on 5/19, leading up to album release. You'll hear them first!

This limited deluxe box comes with:
- 3-CD Special Edition Set Includes Album, Instrumental Mixes and 6 Newly Recorded Cover Songs
- Limited Edition Audiophile 180-Gram Double LP Set with Exclusive Artwork from Hugh Syme
- Try Your Hand at Producer! Black Clouds & Silver Linings Producer's Edition Includes Isolated Audio Tracks of the Entire Album, Bonus Disc only available in this set.
- Limited Edition, Numbered Lithograph by Legendary Artist Hugh Syme. 100 Lucky Winners will Find a Litho Personally Signed by the Artist!
- Computer Mouse Pad, Exclusively Available with Box Set
- Find a SILVER TICKET and Win a MEET & GREET with the Band!
- Packaged in a Silver Foil Embossed Black Velvet Box.
- Price INCLUDES shipping via Priority Mail for all domestic U.S. customers!


Disc 1 - Black Clouds & Silver Linings

1. A Nightmare To Remember 16:10
2. A Rite Of Passage 8:35
3. Wither 5:25
4. The Shattered Fortress 12:46
5. The Best Of Times 13:19
6. The Count Of Tuscany 18:18

Disc 2 - Black Clouds & Silver Linings Covers Bonus Disc

1. Cover 1? 8:10
2. Cover 2? 8:16
3. Cover 3? 7:59
4. Cover 4? 8:18
5. Cover 5? 6:30
6. Cover 6? 7:15

Disc 3 - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (Instrumentals)

1. A Nightmare To Remember (Instrumental) 16:10
2. A Rite Of Passage (Instrumental) 8:35
3. Wither (Instrumental) 5:25
4. The Shattered Fortress (Instrumental) 12:46
5. The Best Of Times (Instrumental) 13:19
6. The Count Of Tuscany (Instrumental) 18:18

Disc 4 - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (Remixable files)

1. A Nightmare To Remember (Stem Mix) 16:10
2. A Rite Of Passage (Stem Mix) 8:35
3. Wither (Stem Mix) 5:25
4. The Shattered Fortress (Stem Mix) 12:46
5. The Best Of Times (Stem Mix) 13:19
6. The Count Of Tuscany (Stem Mix) 18:18

Price INCLUDES shipping via Priority Mail for all domestic U.S. customers!

Pre-order this configuration and receive an exclusive code to download 5 of the newly recorded cover songs. 1 track per week will be released, beginning on 5/19, leading up to album release. You'll hear them first!

Find a SILVER TICKET and Win a MEET and GREET with the Band!
3-CD Special Edition Set Includes Album, Instrumental Mixes and 6 Newly Recorded Cover Songs
Limited Edition Audiophile 180-Gram Double LP Set with Exclusive Artwork from Hugh Syme
Try Your Hand at Producer! Black Clouds & Silver Linings Producer's Edition Includes Isolated Audio Tracks of the Entire Album, Bonus Disc only available in this set.
Limited Edition, Numbered Lithograph by Legendary Artist Hugh Syme. 100 Lucky Winners will Find a Litho Personally Signed by the Artist!
Computer Mouse Pad, Exclusively Available with Box Set
Packaged in a Silver Foil Embossed Black Velvet Box.

Dream Theater's Latest Progressive Metal Masterpiece in a 3-CD Deluxe Edition includes:
6 Newly Recorded Cover Songs
Instrumental Mixes of the Entire Album
Expanded Artwork and Packaging

180-Gram Double LP Set: The vinyl is of the highest audiophile quality and pressed in Germany.


Dream Theater return with Over 70 Minutes of New Music

Dave Martone: ngw clinic details


Dave Martone: As one of Canada's finest guitarists, Dave Martone knows how to make his guitar scream!

Dave has been teaching for The National Guitar Workshop for quite a while and has just recently released "Clean" his first album for Magna Carta Records.

"Clean" features special guests Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, and Billy Sheehan.

This summer you can study with Dave at the following locations:

MOJO Room in Los Angeles, CA July 5 - 10 (Special Guest John 5)

Shredding Blues Guitar in Purchase, NY July 26 - 31

Journey To The Extreme in Purchase, NY August 2 - 7 (Special Guest Paul Gilbert)

Mastery of Metallica in Purchase, NY August 9 - 14

Terry Syrek: ngw clinic details


Terry has been teaching for the National Guitar Workshop for quite a while (18 Years!!). Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music, he has worked or performed with Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Marty Friendman, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Allan Holdsworth, John Petrucci and many more.

This summer Terry will be teaching the following seminars:

Better Off Shred in McLean, VA June 27 - July 2 (Special Guest Alex Skolnick)

Big Phat Guitar Extravaganza in Purchase, NY July 19-24 (Special Guest Herman Li)

Rock Star with James Hogan in Purchase, NY July 26 - 31

Better Off Shred in Purchase, NY August 2 - 7 (Special Guest Paul Gilbert)

Hair Today 80's in Purchase, NY August 9 - 14

Kiko Loureiro: full blast and appearence with Mikio Fujioka

Kudos to Willem for spotting this release. Kiko Loureiro has a new CD entitled

Full Blast - The Road Of Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom av available in Japan

Tack listing: sound samples

Also spotted Trick Disc - Mikio Fujioka of Trick Box, featuring Kiko Loureiro released in 2007.

1. 討ち入り前夜
2. 姫路城ver:TRICK BOX
3. 場面転換~Bass Solo~
5. トントン拍子
6. イメージを持って踏切を渡る
7. 場面転換~Afria~
9. girl from... GIRL FROM...
10. jam with Haruhisa JAM WITH HARUHISA

Mikio Fujioka Trick Box Young Guitar solo lesson

Mikio Fujioka - Demonstration

Rob Balducci: violet horizon cd release party

Rob Balducci says:
Hey ya I am happy to announce A Night Of Pure Guitar Returns!!!!

On June 6, 2009 Saturday evening at DJ Rider in Oceanside New York. This will be the Violet Horizon release party plus a very special night of music.

This will be a jam packed night of great music and a good time. The release of Violet Horizon, CD's will be available this night for the first time. Plus Mr. Dave Weiner has agreed to be part of the evening and drink up some Devil's Juice with Balducci and Orlando.

The Rob Balducci Band will be doing a very special night of new material from the new CD Violet Horizon plus some old favorites and some surprises.

Dave Weiner will be performing a special set with his trio called "Jass"

and Mike Orlando's Sonic Stomp will be starting off the evening with a killer set. Come down and join us Saturday June 6, 2009 at DJ Riders in Oceanside New York. Music begins at 8:00 PM Sharp!!!

Michael Schenker: greatest riffs cd

SH 1200 This CD contains some highlights from Schenker's many Shrapnel recordings.Beginning with tracks from the aptly titled 'The Endless Jam" series, including extended versions of rock classics such as "Layla" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Whiter Shade Of Pale". More tracks included from Schenker's three Shrapnel MSG records, including live MSG versions of Schenker's UFO classics, Doctor Doctor ,Rock Bottom and Lights Out. This collection is brimming with brilliant guitarwork from one of rock and roll's most celebrated axemen.

1. Hey Joe
2. Whiter Shade Of Pale
3. Shapes Of Things
4. Layla
5. Badge
6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7. The Mess I ve Made
8. Fat City N.O.
9. Rude Awakening
10. Arachnophobiac
11. Doctor Doctor (Live)
12. Rock Bottom (Live)
13. Lights Out (Live)


Scott Henderson: slow blues cd appearence


BB-2064 Bringing together a diverse group of players, the slow jams on this CD represent a common thread in each of these guitarist?s playing ? a deep love and respect for the blues. No matter to which side of the slow blues a guitar fan sways, this CD goes there and beyond. The stellar performances from each artist on this CD will surely inspire .

Disc 1 of 1 :
1 - Chris Duarte - Something Wicked
2 - Rick Derringer - You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling
3 - Leslie West Third Degree
4 - Eric Gales Freedom From My Demons
5 - Pat Travers Too Much Is Never Enough
6 - Stoney Curtis Band Blues Without You
7 - Schenker-Pattison Summit Voyager
8 - Neal Schon Blues For Miles
9 - Michael Landau Worried Life Blues
10 - Marc Ford Freedom Fighter
11 - Scott Henderson That Hurts


Prashant Aswani: new live video

Prashant Aswani playing live

AGT on MySpace Video Submission

Allen Hinds: ews fuzzy drive demo


You can see more video at the following page:

Allen Hinds with EWS Fuzzy Drive

Andy Timmons: xotic bb preamp dallas guitar show

You can see more information about Xotic BB Preamp - Andy Timmons signature model at the following page.

Andy Timmons also mention some upcoming tour dates in: China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia

Andy Timmons with Xotic BB Preamp-AT at Dallas Guitar Show

Paul Gilbert: mr big second time around

from new best album「NEXT TIME AROUND - BEST OF MR.BIG」4.29.2009 released in JAPAN

Dallton Santos: experiments for the advancement of guitar

It's been a while since posting some Dallton Santos, like Marcos De Ros, he's been experimenting with new musical ideas.

"Lysergic ElectroBeat Guitar Experiment"

Hora do Improviso

Solo Dallton no show Anselmo e os Duendes

Justice League Guitar