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News: The full video of Staind - Not Again

Any guys looking to work up their solo for the competition might like to feel the full context of the solo... Staind - Not Again [New Music] [Official Lyric Video] STAIND will release their self-titled seventh album on September 13 via Atlantic Records (one day earlier internationally through Roadrunner). Produced by Johnny K – known for his work with 3 DOORS DOWN, DISTURBED, and SEVENDUST, not to mention his Grammy Award-nominated collaboration with STAIND, 2008's "The Illusion Of Progress" — and mixed by the legendary Chris Lord-Alge, the CD stands as STAIND's most intense and powerful work to date. The album is heralded by the new song, "Eyes Wide Open", as well as "Not Again", the first official single from "Staind". Standard CD: 01. Not Again 02. Eyes Wide Open 03. Falling 04. Wannabe 05. Throw It All Away 06. Now 07. The Bottom 08. Take A Breath 09. Paper Wings 10. Something To Remind You Special-edition digipack CD/DVD: 01. Not Again 02. Eyes Wide Open 03. Falling 04. Wannabe 05. Throw It All Away 06. Now 07. The Bottom 08. Take A Breath 09. Paper Wings 10. Something To Remind You 11. Spleen (Live) 12. For You (Live) + Bonus DVD including "Making Of The Album" documentary

Rati Prachayanuporn: great original tracks posted

Aa3 by huttyy Reject-ion by huttyy

Carlos Hernández: Ella

CARLOS HERNANDEZ - Ella (y su Jeepy) (Version LP) by arbysdecals

Yngwie Malmsteen: Miracle of life @ Korea

Yngwie Malmsteen - Miracle of life @ Korea

News: The world is running out of wood... where did all the guitars go?

The world is running out of wood If the overlogging of the world's forests continues, countless species face extinction and our carbon emissions will skyrocket. But there is about to be another casualty in this war on wood...the acoustic guitar. If things don't change, in less than 10 years the guitar as we know it will be no more... Musicwood follows a Coalition of the world's foremost guitar makers as they attempt to save the old-growth trees of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. To do this they will have to deal with a logging company of Native Americans who have been in the area for 10,000 years. Native Americans who've notoriously been given a raw deal from the US government. So cultures will clash. To get them to change won't be easy; it's their livelihood that's also at risk. In fact, as Chris Martin of Martin Guitars puts it, it will be “as close to a miracle as we are likely to see in our lifetime.” But the stakes are very high. At stake is the heart and soul of the acoustic guitar... the fate of the world's forests... and the fate of our world itself. Musicwood tells this story by joining the Coalition on their journey to Alaska, getting behind the scenes in the negotiations, and framing it all with a soundtrack of major acoustic guitar performances. Interviews with leading experts, a rare chance to hear the Native American perspective, and some of the most dramatic scenery in the United States. Musicwood is an ecological investigation, a cultural history and an adventurous journey to the heart of primeval forest. It is a story that you did not know was occurring. It is a story that the world needs to know about.

Musicwood Documentary - 2 min trailer from Helpman Productions on Vimeo.

Tom Richardson: live4guitar fusion lesson

Tom Richardson:
Fusion lick with video/tab up at live4guitar, check it out... Lick of the week no. 16 - Fusion Lick in G minor - Live4guitar | Online Guitar Community The lick here is a Fusion lick that makes use of several techniques over a G Minor backing track. The main techniques used include economy picking and legato. The lick starts with a descending arpeggio idea. I play this using economy picking (see tab for exact picking directions) and to play the second string skipped note at the 14th fret of the 3rd string, hybrid picking is used. In the second bar there is a long run using economy picking again which creates a fluid sound. There are some big stretches here, as well as the use of 4 note per string shapes in the 3rd bar, so make sure you are warmed up properly before playing it to avoid any injury. The 4th bar finishes with a line built from G Melodic Minor and finishes on the G on the 6th string.

Sam Bell: Distances - classic new track

Sam Bell continues to impress me with his playing and progression and also his musical productivity,

Bobby Harrison: beginner two handed tapping lessons

Guitar Techniques - Two Handed Tapping

News: Guitar Legends Documentary

Guitar Legends Documentary

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Intro with some guitar greats talking
Les Paul Fat Tuesdays
Solid Body Guitar Fender Tim Shaw of Gibson Guitars
Henry Goldrich of Manny's talks about the solid body guitar. Charlie Christian was the first guitar virtuoso T-Bone Walker BB King Django Reinhardt Bo Diddley Chuck Berry Elvis Presley Henry Goldrich of Mannys Guitars talks about
Elvis Presley The Beatles Robert Cray The popularity of the guitar John Lee Hooker The Yardbirds Cream Jack Bruce interview
Harold Steinblatt of "Guitar World"
BB King talks about Clapton
Eric Clapton Clapton
Bill Flanagan of "Musician Magazine" Gibson guitar factory Soul Music Steve Cropper Stax Sound Wilson Pickett In The Midnight Hour Eddie Floyd Roger McGuinn Brill Building 12 String guitar Roger's Banjo technique applied to the guitar
John Coltrane Wes Montgomery Octaves George Benson Joe Satriani Larry Coryell Henry Goldrich talks about George Benson
Jimi Hendrix John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin talks about Jimi Hendrix
Joe Satriani talks about Jimi's octaves and Jimi's influence on him
Robert Cray Bill Flanagan talks about Hendrix
Henry Goldrich of Manny's talks about Jimi Hendrix
The 70's
John McLaughlin interview
Stanley Clarke interview John Coltrane
Led Zeppelin Flanagan talks about Zeppelin

Bjössi Klütsch, Steve Hunt: Inner Urge

Roberto Badoglio:Electric Bass Steve Hunt:Keyboards Bjössi Klütsch:Guitar Pablo De Biasi:Drums Re-Evaluation Time Band:Inner Urge, Live in italy, May 2011

Tom Quayle: PRS SE Santana Review SE Santana review and demo by Tom Quayle for Guitar Interactive Magazine.
Tom Quayle gives you an overview of the Paul Reed Smith SE Santana. Watch the FULL review by Tom Quayle in issue 3 of Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 3. its classic Santana shape this is the guitar to help you sound like Santana without re-mortgaging your house!

PRS SE Santana Review With Tom Quayle Guitar Interactive Issue 3

Ben Wilshire: join Live4Guitar

Live4Guitar Site & Community!!!
Live4Guitar Market Place!!!

Benni's Live4Guitar Profile & Lessons!!!

Cheers Guys!!!
Benni :)

Live4Guitar Instructor Announcement! - Benni Wilshire!!!

Alex Ehrsam: The Plan FR

Latest tracks by the_plan_fr

Guthrie Govan: Guitar Player interview

From Drop Box
What pops into your head if I ask you what the top two or three most inspiring live guitar performances are that you’ve ever witnessed? Without even thinking, I would say the most recent one was Derek Trucks. Before hearing Derek, I didn’t know a guitar could sound so vocal. With him, the guitar becomes this transparent thing, and through it we hear this great gospel singer that Derek hears in his head. Presumably, Derek can’t sing like that, but he’s made it so his guitar can. Then there was that mythical Eric Johnson show at the Marquee Club in London in the early ’90s that quite a few of us remember. I’m not much for lists, but if I had to list my top ten favorite live guitar sounds of all time, four of them were probably at that gig. Eric was just so in control of his gear and the notes he was playing. I can also mention that seeing Yngwie Malmsteen made a real impact on me. He wasn’t this academic looking guy just standing there with his music stand. He was going crazy, running around the place, and throwing his Strat while playing a million notes per second. And when he stopped and played just one note, it sounded like a violin or an opera singer. Yngwie has an incomparable vibrato, which his detractors choose to ignore. Any newer guitarists you find inspiring? There are—Alex Machacek is quite interesting— but, by and large, I am not interested in the kind of player who is often recommended to me. That player is usually someone who’s doing something a bit like what I’m doing. I want to hear things that are completely fresh to me. For instance, I’m big Bjork fan. You never really hear a guitar on her albums, but there’s something very intriguing about what she’s done with the human voice. It’s like Derek Trucks backwards. Instead of making an instrument behave like a voice, it’s the other way around. more

Jimmy Oliveira: Fratelli D'Italia

Inno di Mameli (Fratelli D'Italia)

Ludmila Oliveira: tapping Friends theme

Friends theme

Marcelo Perez Schneider,Agustin Pinto: Presto Vivace

A really great progressive rock band 1. the dictatorship of the Machines 2. Nothing else (Another Type Of Nothingness) 3. Wall Street 4. Bass Solo 5. No North (Without North) 6. Further, Close 7. Mazes Around The Void 8. Jerusalem 9. Just For Today Presto Vivace - Jerusalem (Ascension Progresiva DVD) Presto Vivace - La Dictadura De las Maquinas (Ascension Progresiva DVD)

Frank Vignola,Joscho Stephan: Minor Swing

Minor Swing played by Joscho Stephan quartet w/Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival - Gardens of Pignatelli Castle, Monteroduni, Isernia (Italy), August 6th, 2011. Frank Vignola & Joscho Stephan (solist guitar) Vinny Raniolo & Günter Stephan (ritmic guitar) Sebastian Reimann (violin) Max Schaaf (double bass) Frank Vignola & Joscho Stephan play "Minor Swing" @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

David Locke: Forever Autumn - War Of The Worlds

Always been a fan of this song by Jeff Wayne and Justin Haywood. Using my Laboga Alligator, Tonebone Trimode and Gibson Les Paul Standard. Forever Autumn - War Of The Worlds - David Locke

James Hogan,Terry Syrek: The National Guitar Workshop 2011

James Hogan & Terry Syrek - Burn (2011) James Hogan - "Hammerhead" (Live 2011)

Luke Fortini: Purple Rain

PURPLE RAIN Instrumental version by Luke Fortini

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan,: Mr Big - Just Take My Heart

Mr. Big ~ Just Take My Heart ~ The Galaxy ~ 08/04/11 Mr. Big ~ Undertow ~ The Galaxy ~ 08/04/11 Mr. Big ~ Temperamental ~ The Galaxy ~ 08/04/11

David Locke: Staind Not Again solo

Staind - Not Again - Solo By David Locke

Nick Meares: Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition - Nick Meares (3)

Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition - Nick Meares (3)

Jimmy Herring: live soloing

Jimmy Herring Solo w/ Aquarium Rescue Unit - Georgia Theatre [HD] Colonel Bruce & ARU- Spoonful- Jimmy Herring solo Jimmy Herring playing at the Iridium nyc 08-16-10 10pm

Saggese Francesco Antonio: more gtarman shredding

TONY MACALPINE take me back tribute

Brian Carroll: Buckethead at the House Of Blues Houston, Texas


Buy Buckethead concert tickets for the show at House of Blues - Houston
Thursday 10/06/2011
Doors: 07:00 PM
Show: 08:00 PM
$15.00 - General Admission 4-pack per tick
$20.00 - General Admission
$23.00 - General Admission Day of Show
$35.00 - Balcony
Ages: all

House of Blues - Houston
1204 Caroline
Houston, TX 77001
(832) 667-7733

Headlining Artist:

Event Info:
Ticket prices do not include service charge

Additional Info:
* : tickets subject to all applicable facility fees and service charges
: applicable fees and charges apply to all ticket sales

Eric Maldonado: 4 Seasons Pickups

Just here showing what you can do when you have AWESOME pickups made by the great Bob Gabriel @ 4 Seasons Pickups, Overloud TH2, and Recabinet 3.
A little solo inspired by my good friend Joop Wolters and the crazy Brian Auer.
Btw, the syncing is a little off. I had to choose between a little early or a little late. I chose a little early ;P
I hope you enjoy my solo!
Be sure to visit Bob at 4 Seasons Pickups and get your pickups!
Eric Maldonado - Virtuoso Guitar Tone - 4 Seasons Pickups

Andy James, Owen Edwards,Chris Francis: Red Soxx / Guitar Festival + Owens 40th birthday bash!!

Congratulations to Owen Edwards, founder of "All Out Guitar" and the associated Guitar Idol series of events. 

Red Soxx Mega Concert/Guitar Festival + Owens 40th! Time: 27 August · 17:00 - 20:00
Location: The Racehorse, 42 High Street Catworth, Cambridgeshire PE28 0PF

Created by: Owen Edwards
More info
Some of the best guitarists in the world are playing live at the Red Soxx 'End of Summer Festival' on Saturday August 27th, which is part of the Catworth Beer and Music Festival (Friday August 26th- Sunday August 28th) held at The Racehorse in leafy Catworth.

In addition, this August is also Owen Edwards 40th Birthday - so we're combining them to make one mega bash!

In addition to Red Soxx (​soxxband ) playing their critically acclaimed brand of classic rock, world renowned guitarists including Andy James ( http://www.andyjamesguitar​ ), Guitarist Of The Year 2000 winner Chris Francis (​t/ ) the lads from Southern Rockers Medicine Hat (​icinehatuk ) - plus more yet to be confirmed - will be guesting with the band and/or playing exclusive solo sets.

This line up of stellar guitarists is a must see event - and the first time they've been on the same bill since the legendary Alloutguitarfest in September 2007!

Music is due to start from approx 7 p.m. - but with a full Beer Festival plus tons of activities available all weekend why not come down earlier for a real session!

Going to the event: sign up

Michael Schenker: live in Roma 2011

MICHAEL SCHENKER Group - °HD° - Live in ROMA 05/08/2011 -tinaRnR

Guthrie Govan: really clever rework of the classic Larry Carlton jam

A really really clever rework of the classic Larry Carlton jam. The voicings' were replaced using GuitarPro5. Guthrie Govan improvising the original Guthrie Govan playing to Larry Carlton style track

Pedro Molina: original tracks posted

Two original tracks posted by Pedro Molina CIRCUS.Pedro Molina Adicción.-Pedro Molina

Jim Matheos: Arch / Matheos features Frank Aresti

Arch / Matheos "Stained Glass Sky" (Edit) from the album "Sympathetic Resonance".
Buy Here: http://www.archmatheos.comLine up:
John Arch -- vocals (former Fates Warning)
Jim Matheos -- guitars (Fates Warning, OSI)
Joey Vera -- bass (Armored Saint, Anthrax, Fates Warning, Seven Witches)
Bobby Jarzombek -- drums (Halford, Fates Warning, Sebastian Bach, Riot)
Frank Aresti - additional lead guitar (Fates Warning)

Arch / Matheos "Stained Glass Sky" (Edit)

Igor Paspalj: Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey - Igor Paspalj

Marco De Cave: Staind Not Again solo competition

Marco De Cave STAIND Not Again Guitar Showdown Entry

Gabriele Pala: Stained not again solo competition

Here is my entry for the Indaba Music competition asking to fill in a solo in a brand new Staind's song. Perhaps I'm not so able to play such melodic new metal stuff, I hope you like it the same! As always, totally improvised on the moment.
"Staind - Not Again" competition entry

Theodore Kalantzakos: Echoing Chemical Reactions

Theodore Kalantzakos - Echoing Chemical Reactions (Student Spotlight #1 by Ioannis Anastassakis)

Jarle H Olsen: stunning solos

Jarle H Olsen is on G+ Stunning solo 1 Stunning solo 2 You can buy the stunning Ronny Heimdal produced CD from his very own web site. buy Jarle Holsen Quadrasonic

Andy James,Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #10

Jason Becker,Andy James: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #10

Tickets: | Jason Becker's | Venue:
The excerpt of song in the video is Andy James's Andromeda
NOT DEAD YET! The new festival is in the Netherlands... Get ready to book your flights to Amsterdam!!
Already committed to the cause:
Marco Sfogli
Michael Lee Firkins
Guthrie Govan
Mattias IA Eklundh
Daniele Gottardo
Stuart Hamm
Atma Anur
Kiko Loureiro
Andy James
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
and more cool names to come!!!!
and a special guest.
About a dozen of the worlds' best guitar players will appear on stage for the right cause...
They will entertain you...
Expect over 5 hours of stunning guitar...
Over a million notes...
Each note hand crafted and dedicated to Jason Becker!
One of them performing November 13, 2011 will tell you himself why you need to be there!

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Marcela Campos: Concurso Double Vision DVD-Double Vision

Concurso Double Vision DVD-Double Vision- Marcela Campos

Cindy Rose: Improvisso na Fenac

Cindy Rose - Improvisso na Fenac

Bill Lubera: Show Case your music.

Bill Lubera Is a Guitarist/Composer from Illinois and has just released his debut album "Global Warning" which is an instrumental Progressive Rock Album featuring complex time and modal changes, soaring lead solos and dramatic interludes that will keep the listener engaged from beginning to end. Bill's album was Produced and Recorded by Guitar Virtuoso George Bellas. Much of the music on Bill's album would be well suited for background music in Film, TV, Video Games and radio. The album has gotten rave reviews from many review sites and has had some radio play overseas. If you like Dream Theater, George Bellas, Rush, Satriani you will love the music on Global Warning. Licensing available. For more in-depth info and links to reviews, samples, purchase links go to Bills' website at The Official Bill Lubera Website