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Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G clinic date at Andertons in UK

Gus G. will take part in a guitar clinic on Thursday, September 8 at The Boileroom in Guildford, England, courtesy of Andertons Music Co. and Blackstar Amplification. The evening will feature an incredible set from Gus, plus your chance to ask questions directly to one of the world's greatest guitarists. Tickets are £6 each, and are strictly limited. Everybody who buys a ticket and comes along to the night will be given a free limited edition Blackstar Gus G.t-shirt, too!

Thursday, September 8
The Boileroom
Stoke Fields, Guildford

Doors open at 7:30pm
Show runs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (approximately)
Ticket Price: £6

Chris Feener, Travis Montgomery: Threat Signal new cd details

Threat Signal The third, and self-titled Threat Signal release, out on October 7 (Europe) and October 11, 2011 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.

'New World Order'
'Trust In None'
'Face The Day'
'Fallen Disciples'
'Death Before Dishonor'
'Buried Alive'
'Resistance' (bonus track)

Ron Thal: Guns and Roses South American tour dates

October 2nd, 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rock In Rio 2011 SOLD OUT) Tickets / Festival web site / Map

October 5th, 2011
Santiago, Chile @ Movistar Arena Tickets / Venue info / Map

October 8th, 2011
La Plata, Argentina @ Estadio Único de La Plata Tickets / Venue info / Map

October 12th, 2011
La Paz, Bolivia @ Estadio Rafael Mendoza Castellón Tickets / Map

October 14th, 2011
Asunción, Paraguay @ Jockey Club del Paraguay Tickets / Venue info / Map

October 18th, 2011
Mexico City, Mexico @ Palacio de los Deportes Tickets / Map

October 19th, 2011
Mexico City, Mexico @ Palacio de los Deportes Tickets / Map

October 22nd, 2011
Guadalajara, Mexico @ Arena VFG Tickets / Venue info / Map

October 23rd, 2011
Monterrey, Mexico @ Arena Monterrey Tickets / Venue info / Map

Niels Vejlyt: Sthenic sampler

Niels Vejlyt - Sthenic sampler by LionMusicRecordLabel

Arnaud: time to ballad jam

Arnaud Quelques mots d'amour / La groupie du pianiste guitar cover (instrumental) - Michel Berger (HD)

I Wayan Balawan: two handed, two necked ethnic Balinese Jazz Guitar

Regarded as one of the fastest guitarist in Indonesia, I Wayan Balawan appears in a special concert performing his signature blend of traditional Balinese music with jazz. Well-known for his ability to play a double-neck guitar and his development of the touch-tapping technique, Balawan has released three albums and tours all over the world.
MATCHA: Balinese Jazz Guitar

Michael Knight: suffering from Cancer

Our best wishes to Michael and his family and friends.
Michael Knight has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer that deteriorates the bones. While doctors are optimistic about getting the cancer into remission, Michael has suffered extensive physical damage to his spine. Surgery to treat vertebrae compression fractures has left the 48 year old guitarist with nerve and bone damage effecting the right side of his body. Michael said about his current condition, “As of now I can’t play the guitar, nerve damage has left my right hand with limited coordination and picking ability. But, I could have been paralyzed by my broken vertebrae - I just have to count my blessings that I‘m not.” more

Christian Muenzner: Dan McAvinchey - guitar 9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Christian, let's talk first about your solo album, "Timewarp". When did you write the songs, and what did you want to achieve when recording started?

Christian Muenzner: I started with the songwriting for the album in September 2010, right after I finished recording my solos for the current Obscura album "Omnivium". It wasn't really planned long before, although being a fan of virtuoso guitar playing and instrumental music myself, it has been a dream of mine for many many years to do an instrumental solo album one day. Since the band wasn't on tour for a couple of months, I had some time on my hands and felt really, really inspired after the "Omnivium" sessions, so the writing process in total didn't take more than three months, although I of course had many many ideas that I had collected over the years, which finally turned into real songs on "Timewarp". 
What I wanted to achieve was to record an album that would capture the essence of all my favorite classic '80s and '90s shred albums (Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Michael Lee Firkins, etc.) and to combine that with my more modern metal influences - I like to describe it as 'Shrapnel Records shred meets modern metal'. I of course wanted it to showcase a lot of the technique and knowledge I learned over the years. I wanted to try a lot of stuff I never get to do in the context of a band setting, but I also wanted it to be real music, with the main focus being on songs, the riffs, melodies and arrangements. I think that's what made all those classic albums like "Maximum Security", "Passion And Warfare", "Rising Force", "Dragon's Kiss", "Mind's Eye", "Surfing With The Alien" and "Perpetual Burn" special. Beyond the flashy guitar work they featured really strong and epic songs that people would still remember 25 years later. Many modern shred albums totally lack that, as often it's just a bunch of randomly thrown together riffs and bad drum programming with a guy noodling over that. I definitely tried to get away from that as much as I could. 
I also strived for a good, organic production with only real musicians being involved, instead of a plastic release with me doing everything myself. I also wanted to showcase the other musicians a lot, to make it more dynamic, musical and interesting for the listener. more 

Jeff Beck: She's A Woman

Jeff Beck - She's A Woman (Live + Biografia) (High Quality).avi

Luke Fortini: Opus Omina

OPUS OMNIA by Luke Fortini

Rob Chappers: Two Rock Studio Pro 22 and 35

Two Rock Studio Pro 22 & 35 Demo

The Monkeylord minions

Joe Bonamassa: Beth Hart interview

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa on their upcoming album "Don't Explain". Pre-order "Don't Explain" at Mascot Label Group:'t-explain/ Hart and Bonamassa Interview

Ron Thal: Vote for Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot Vote for @Bumblefoot "Turn Around" for best RockBandNetwork track from July here.... :)​542/vote-for-your-favorite-rbn​-tracks-from-july/

Vote for Your Favorite RBN Tracks From

Yoshihiro Sato: not rocket science


Andy Timmons: Mesa Boogie TA-30

The Guitar Sanctuary: Andy Timmons Mesa Boogie TA-30 Amp Demo

Glenn Proudfoot: The Five 0 solo section advanced licks lesson.

Glenn Proudfoot - "The Five-0" Solo - Lesson

Glenn Proudfoot steps it up with the release of his first solo album.
The culmination of 20 years of guitar playing, consisting of
everything from the heaviest of riffs to country then to beautiful ballads, solo
acoustic to blues rock, it really covers everything possible on the guitar.
It is a must have for every guitar player world wide!

Get yours now via iTunes - Lick ‘Em – Glenn ProudfootGet yours now on CD - Lick ‘Em – Glenn Proudfoot

Recorded in Prague 2009/10 with all songs written and
produced by Glenn Proudfoot, there are no keyboards, synthesisers, drum
machines or samples present on the album. All sounds come from guitars played by Glenn.
Album Credits:
Glenn Proudfoot – All Guitars
Richard Scheufler Jnr – Drums (Europe)
Marcel Yammouni – Bass (Australia)
Richard Scheufler – Bass on the track Father. (Europe)
Engineered by George Banacky & Glenn Proudfoot, Studio Shoebox, Prague Czech Rep.
Mastered by Leigh Evans, Milk Bar Studio, Melbourne Australia

Marcos De Ros: Éder Bergozza Impromptu #1
Little improvisation in the middle of our rehearsal . 
Marcos De Ros Éder Bergozza Impromptu #1

Richie Kotzen, Jason Becker: Richie tips the hat to Jason!

Richie Kotzen discusses how Jason Becker has influenced his guitar playing for the upcoming documentary film, 'NOT DEAD YET: The Story of Jason Becker. Filmed in Los Angeles, CA - March 2011. Copyright Opus Pocus Films Ltd 2011. Richie Kotzen & Jason's Influence
Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Bub Zulu: Morley Power Wah competition

Morley Power Wah

Bub Zulu: smooth jazz... nice!

1 a smoooothjazz

Emir Hot,Chris Gedden: Live4Guitar Monkeyfest 2011 video review

Check out full article here: MonkeyFest 2011

Come and see Andy James and Guthrie Govan at the upcoming Jason Becker Fest

Not Dead Yet site
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News: Prairie Sun special deal

Prairie Sun Summer Special
That's right, it's that time of year again: our yearly tradition of heavily discounted Summer Special packages continues! Once again we are offering two days for the price of one with an additional bonus - one night of free lodging (when available). This year Prairie Sun is also unveiling a unique deal to record a full length project: how would you like to make a $10,000 album for half the cost? We would like to offer you a $5000, all-inclusive recording package. The package includes lodging, engineering, and studio time for seven days, as well as a mastering session to wrap it all up. There will only be three of these packages available, so act fast!

Jani Ylikangas: U-Boat Terror

Original instrumental song that I wrote as a tribute to the movie Das Boot. Some serious shredding on this one and a lighter interlude that has some of the best phrasing I've ever managed to pull off. I hope you like it and share with your friends.
Equipment used:
Jackson King V and Telly Custom guitars
Charvel Tele bass
Sansamp GT-2 and Bass Driver pedals
Roland TD-6 drum sound module
U-Boat Terror

Jeff Loomis: Announces Next Solo Album Details and Line Up

Thanks to Miz Anthrope
Jeff Loomis Announces Next Solo Album Details and Line Up

Jeff Loomis returns to the studio at the end of this month to begin recording his eagerly awaited sophomore solo album. With key players contributing to the release, there is no doubt fans will be pleased. Aaron Smith (7 Horns 7 Eyes) will be producing the album. “He [Smith] has been a friend for a while now and has helped me out with various recording projects over the years.” Says Loomis. “We’ve been working on demos and preproduction for the past few weeks and are very happy with the way things are turning out.” more

Shaun Baxter: more great improvisation as transcribed for guitar techniques

An improvised solo that will be transcribed in issues 198 and 199 of Guitar Techniques Magazine.
This footage was taken during a master-class at The Academy of Music and Sound's Edinburgh Centre on 6th April 2011.
The intention of this demonstration was to show how to build a solo in stages (slow, medium, fast), and was played over a Latin jazz groove comprising the following repeated chord sequence:
Cm7 / / /, / / / /, / / / /, C7alt / / /,
Fm7 / / /, / / / /, Cm7 / / /, / / / /,
Ab7 / / /, G7 / / / /, Ab7 / / /, G7 / / / /,
Ab7 / / /, G7 / / / /, Abmaj7 / / /, Dbmaj7 / / / /,
Shaun Baxter (live) GT solo

Fred Brum: Atonement - Jaden Rose Spider 8-string

Thanks again to Ben Wilshire for the footage and to Monty for the awesome animation he did (featuring my logo, which he also designed. Haha!). This song was played using my trusted Jaden Rose Spider 8-string, which I honestly consider to be unbeatable in the market. Thanks to everyone for your continued support! :)
Monkeyfest 2011 - Fred Brum - Atonement live

Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin,Andy Wood: Freak US tour datess

Freak Kitchen are so, so, so happy to announce our very first US tour this very September! Please spread the word and come out to the shows to go nuts with us. We hereby promise to kick as much butt as humanely possible every night!

The dates:

  • Thursday, Sep 1 Double Door – Charlotte, NC (with Andy Wood)
  • Friday, Sep 2 Prog Day Pre-Show at Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC (with Cameron Allen and Galactic Cowboy Orchestra)
  • Saturday, Sep 3 The Hangout – Florence, SC
  • Mon, Sep 5 Lincoln Theater - Raleigh, NC (with Andy Wood)
  • Tues, Sep 6 Jewish Mother - Norfolk, VA (with Andy Wood)
  • Wed, Sep 7 Venue TBD - Philadelphia, PA (with Consider the Source)
  • Thurs, Sep 8 The Drom - New York City (with Consider the Source)
  • Fri, Sep 9 NJ Proghouse – TBD
  • Sat, Sep 10 Orion Studios - Baltimore, MD
  • Sun, Sep 11 The Hangout - Florence, SC

Along with Freak Kitchen and the above groovy bands, the wonderful Mörgbl, featuring Christophe Godin will also perform on several dates. The tour is put together by the splendid and very hard-working Blue Mouth Promotions LLC. Support them by liking what they do on their brand new Facebook page!

Brett Garsed: Damage live

If any band members object to this video I will remove it if asked . Brett Garsed And Damage perforning the songs "Oasis" and "Earth" (incomplete) live. The other band members are - Phil Tercio - Keyboards and composer of the song "Earth , Craig Newman - bass. ,Gerry Pantazis -drums. See also previous video -'Fusion From Project 3 " which features the same rhythm section.

Fusion With Brett Garsed And Damage

Dark Matter - New Album buy:
Dark Matter
If Only
Avoid the Void
James Bong (license to chill)
Poison Dwarf
Be Here Now
Brett Garsed - guitar
Ric Fierabracci - bass
Phil Turcio - keyboards
Gerry Pantazis - drums
Virgil Donati - drums on "Dark Matter"
Craig Newman - bass on "Enigma"
Ric Fierabracci - bass solo on "Enigma"

Orianthi, Juliette Jade, Nili Brosh: Truth In Shredding Top 3 female guitar players

Orianthi, Juliette Valduriez, Nili Brosh
Top 20 players
These are the page view counts of the last 12 months for each mentioned player. I'm expecting bigger figures next year as the names become more well known among guitar fans.
  1. Orianthi Page Views: 5682
  2. Juliette Valduriez Page Views: 3796
  3. Nili Brosh Page Views: 1595
  4. Jacqueline Mannering Page Views: 1338
  5. Karolina Sustova Page Views: 1104
  6. Jess Lewis Page Views: 1043
  7. Jennifer Batten Page Views: 991
  8. Flash Bathory Page Views: 800
  9. Gretchen Menn Page Views: 727
  10. Stefania Daniel Page Views: 610
  11. Nita Strauss Page Views: 416
  12. Annie Grunwald Page Views: 368
  13. Elizabeth Schall Page Views: 360
  14. Eilidh McKellar Page Views: 358
  15. Yvi Wylde Page Views: 345
  16. Anikina Kate Page Views: 268
  17. Sarah Michelle Page Views: 247
  18. Lori Linstruth Page Views: 201
  19. Desiree Bassett Page Views: 198
  20. Irene Ketikidi Page Views: 195
  21. Jodee Frawlee Page Views: 194
  22. Stephanie Pickard Page Views: 140
  23. Jace Parales Page Views: 106
  24. Malina Moye Page Views: 89
  25. Anouck André Page Views: 88
  26. Faith Page Views: 88
  27. Adrianne Simioni Page Views: 80
  28. Carina Alfie Page Views: 80
  29. Yasi Hofer Page Views: 78
  30. Kristen Capolino Page Views: 71
  31. Grace Potter Page Views: 69
  32. Kaitlynn Schmidt Page Views: 56
  33. Ana Popovic Page Views: 53
  34. Mimi Fox Page Views: 51
  35. Joanne Shaw Taylor Page Views: 45
  36. Ludmila Oliveira Page Views: 44
  37. Susan Weinert Page Views: 39
  38. Camila Silva Page Views: 38
  39. Alejandra Mesliuk Page Views: 35
  40. Becky Langan Page Views: 35
  41. Kristen T Clark Page Views: 30
  42. Cindy Rose Page Views: 27
  43. Esperanza Galera Page Views: 26
  44. Jessica Miller Page Views: 26
  45. Abby Clutario Page Views: 22
  46. Alessandra Funaro Page Views: 22
  47. Angel Stephanie Page Views: 19
  48. Paula Jo Taylor Page Views: 19
  49. Prisa Adinda Page Views: 19
  50. Gabriela Quintero Page Views: 16
  51. Lena Mashkina Page Views: 16
  52. Vicki Genfan Page Views: 13
  53. Camila Simont Page Views: 11
  54. Charlotte Ciclet Page Views: 11
  55. Joyce Cooling Page Views: 10
  56. Laurie Buchanan Page Views: 10
  57. Malen Mesliuk Page Views: 10

Michael Mischjok: Sphereal

Polaris Latest tracks by Mischjok

Joe Bonamassa: Beth Hart free MP3 download single

To celebrate the release of the “Don’t Explain” album – a collaboration between American singer-songwriter Beth Hart and the acclaimed blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, the duo are making their version of Delaney & Bonnie’s classic “Well, Well” available as a free MP3 download single. All you have to do is sign up to, input your email address, and you will receive the free download.
CD, Digital Download and 12” Vinyl editions of “Don’t Explain” will be released in the UK and Europe on Monday 26th September, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK. pre-order.
Produced by Kevin Shirley (John Hiatt, The Black Crowes, Joe Bonamassa, Black Country Communion), “Don't Explain” combines Hart's raspy and soulful vocals against Bonamassa's signature guitar sound. The pair collaborate on a stunning collection of hand-picked soul classics from the likes of Gil Scott-Heron, Tom Waits, Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Aretha Franklin. 'Don't Explain' – Album Track listing 1. Sinner's Prayer (Ray Charles w/ B.B. King) 2. Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits) 3. Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Melody Gardot) 4. For My Friend (Bill Withers) 5. Don't Explain (Billie Holiday) 6. I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James) 7. Something's Got A Hold On Me (Etta James) 8. I'll Take Care Of You (Gil Scott-Heron) 9. Well, Well (Delaney & Bonnie) 10. Ain't No Way (Aretha Franklin)

Laura Cox: Paris Texas?

hey! I'm Laura Cox, I'm french and I live near Paris.
On my channel, you'll find some videos of me playing the guitar (and singing sometimes).
I really hope you'll like it. Feel free to leave some comments ;)
-I started playing guitar in 2005

My gear:
-A new EPIPHONE LES PAUL GOLDTOP SLASH SIGNATURE (yeaahh!!! It's been hard to find one... and I finally bought one of the very last models :))
-Fender John 5 Telecaster
-Fender Stratocaster Mexican Classic '60 (sold)
-Fender Telecaster Baja
-Ibanez SR500bm
-Vox AD30VT (Sold)
-Vox VT15 (Sold)
-Blackstar HT5 (Sold)
-Line 6 Toneport UX1
-Dunlop wah Cry Baby GCB-95

Country Jam in the style of Doug Seven
Country jam with some friends!
Laura Cox plays Slash, Knopfler, AC/DC, etc

Muris Varajic, Emir Hot, Damjan Pejcinoski, Ajdin Rovcanin: 4 hot lessons from Live4Guitar

To view all guitar lessons Country Jam by Muris Varajic buy
J. S. Bach - Badinerie by Emir Hot buy
Hybrid picking soloing by Damjan Pejcinoski buy
Arpeggio Miscuglio by Ajdin Rovcanin buy

Jani Lane: dead at 47... rip

Jani Lane, who fronted the glossy rock band Warrant during the salad days of hair metal, was found dead in a motel room in Woodland Hills, Calif. Thursday evening of undetermined causes, police have confirmed. He was 47. Jani Lane Dead: Ex-Warrant Singer Was 47 | -

News: Saxon, Borealis US tour dates

Borealis have been officially confirmed as the support band in the upcoming Saxon North American tour. The band will tour in support of their sophomore effort, "Fall From Grace", released earlier this year via Lion Music. Starting on September 29th, the tour will stop at fifteen cities across the country. Tour dates are as follows:

Tour Dates
28.09.2011 US Los Angeles, CA - The Key Club
29.09.2011 US Santa Rosa, CA - The Last Day Saloon
30.09.2011 US Sactramento, CA - The Boardwalk
01.10.2011 US Santa Clara, CA - The Avalon
02.10.2011 US Santa Ana, CA - The Galaxy
03.10.2011 US Las Vegas, NV - The Crown
04.10.2011 US Tempe, AZ - Club Red
06.10.2011 US Houston, TX - Stereo Live
08.10.2011 US Saint Charles (Chicago), IL - The Arcada Theatre
09.10.2011 US Detroit, MI - Blondie's
10.10.2011 CA Montreal, QU - Foufounes Electrique
11.10.2011 CA Toronto, ONT - Mod Club
13.10.2011 US New York, NY - B. B. King
14.10.2011 US Springfield, VA - Jaxx
15.10.2011 US Baltimore, MD - Bourbon Street

News: Carvin a builder profile by Premier Guitar

Lowell Kiesel started Carvin in 1946, right around the same time Leo Fender got his company going. Both were experimenting with electrifying the popular Spanish and Hawaiian guitars of the era. And while Leo Fender, Ted McCarty, Les Paul, and Adolph Rickenbacker certainly share much of the credit for bringing the electric guitar to life, Lowell Kiesel was there too—he was just doing it in his own way. Going their own way is a good way to describe Carvin, and they proudly maintain the direct-to-consumer marketing and sales approach they’ve practiced throughout the company’s history.

Over the years, Carvin gear has been used by heavyweights like Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorius, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Steve Vai. The company has carved its niche in the industry as a manufacturer of US-made instruments and amps that can be had at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts. Their electric guitars have a unique look, an excellent reputation in terms of playability, and are priced in the same ballpark of the mass-produced, Asian models that dominate big box music stores—stores where Carvin instruments cannot be found. Before retailing through the Internet, Carvin relied almost exclusively on catalogs and mail order. As is still the case today, if someone wants to check out one of their guitars or amps before buying, a visit to one of their Southern California showrooms is the sole option. more

Chris Geden,Guthrie Govan: Monkeyfest 2011 live4guitar review - inc Alex Hutchings, Andy James, Jess Lewis, Rob Chappers

Jess Lewis and Guthrie Govan
Chris Geden:
Monkey Fest - “The Monkey Lord” or Rob “Chappers” as he's also known, managed to pull it off this year with some help from his manager, Dan Davies, and several generous endorsers such as Marshall Amplifiers, Blackstar Amps and Andertons Music. The festival, which is the first of its kind, was held at the Bisley Pavilion, near Guildford in England, and features: a camp site, a hall (where the stage was set) and several shooting ranges that provided us with an early wakeup call each morning. Over 250 people attended - some coming from as far as Denmark and Canada to gorge themselves on the endless supply of tasty notes coming from the jam-packed stage. Several artists shared their musical knowledge with the audience, not something that you come across often at festivals, but this festival was about learning and interacting, and not just about watching and idolising. There are too many talented musicians for us to mention them all but we'll do our best. more
Emir Hot, Laurie Monk,Chris Geden and Dan Monk Monkeyfest 2011
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