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Jonas Tamas,Troy Stetina: appearance on upcoming instrumental guitar album

Troy Stetina contributes to Jonas Tamas' upcoming instrumental guitar album 'Timeless Hour'

The long anticipated second instrumental guitar album of Jonas Tamas, entitled 'Timeless Hour' will be released very soon, so it is time to reveal another great musician who has contributed to the album. As announced before, in the exciting lineup of musicians there are some of the best players on the planet including Andy James, Brett Garsed, Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse), Mattias IA Eklundh, singer Mischa Mang (Ivanhoe, ex-Dreamscape), and the new keyboard wizard Sergey Boykov (Shadow Cry).

Now it is a great pleasure to announce yet another amazing player: Troy Stetina. Troy is not only a superb guitarist and an awesome guitar teacher, but he is a great person too, and despite of a busy year with his band Second Soul as well as working closely with PRS Guitars and creating new educational material, he was able to set aside some time and record his parts for the song 'The Unbreakable' in his unique style, with great harmony lines, soaring melodies and exotic chromatic passages. Thanks so much Troy for the inspiration and support!

Troy Stetina is an American guitarist and music educator with more than 35 rock and metal instructional methods to his credit, and total sales currently over 1 million units. He was the director of Rock Guitar Studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and writer for the GuitarOne magazine.

Perhaps the best known of Troy's books is the classic, Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar - often called the "shredders' bible" as it was the first major work to effectively standardize the approaches necessary to attain the highest levels of rock guitar technique. Other popular Stetina works include Metal Lead Guitar Vol 1 and 2, Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol 1 and 2, Total Rock Guitar, and the complete ear-training and theory manual, Fretboard Mastery.

As a solo artist, Troy's instrumental guitar CD Exottica, released in 2000 has been featured in numerous MTV shows such as "The Osbournes" and "Undressed."

Official homepages:

Lindsey Boullt,Atma Anur: Olivia progressive fusion

Atma Anur:
More great unreleased Atma Anur! Here is a killer composition by shredder Lindsey Boullt (who collaborated with Atma for many years). Recorded for a CD back in the 90's...extreme guitar playing! and Atma's unmistakable progressive- fusion- metal groove!! Proving once again that Atma is the premier double bass progressive drummer on the scene!

Olivia - Lindsey Boullt

TJ Ken: Necronomicon Saga

TJ KEN 2nd album "ネクロノミコンサーガ"から曲名 TJ KEN 2nd albumNecronomicon Saga Track number 3 Necronomicon CDbaby TJ KEN web site

TJ KEN 死 霊 秘 法 Necronomicon

Vlada Jankovic: new web site

Vlada Jankovic:

Siguran Put

1. Letnja Ljubav
2. Jesen
3. Neshvatljiva,Duga...
4. Probudi Se
5. Lift
6. Brod
7. Sećanja
8. 15do7
9. Siguran Put
10. Orla

Vlada Janković - Gitare, glas, lap steel, domra
Sava Botić - Klavijature, prateći glas
Robert Fišer - Bas
Ištvan Čik - Bubnjevi
Dragan Mirković - Harmonika ( "Neshvatljiva,Duga...", "Orla" )
Mihajlo Mihajlov - Bas ( "Jesen", "Neshvatljiva,Duga..." )
Robert Pongo - Bubnjevi ( "Jesen", "Neshvatljiva,Duga..." )

Siguran Put by Vlada Jankovic

Rick Graham: 'Funky Blues' BT

Rick Graham:
Hi guys, this BT pack and video lesson is available from 26th August 2011

'Funky Blues' BT pack and lesson - Rick Graham

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Fuzz Petal by Quinnamp So I was gardening and came across this little gem. Now, just because it is called the Fuzz "Petal" doesn't mean it's for girls :) This is a great little fuzz for anyone looking for earlier Arbiter type pedals..... and it is $100 bucks. And one other note..... they normally don't come with a pink LED, they are normally blue :)
Gear used:
Gibson Firebird
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- Pina Colada- cream of coconut, coconut rum, lots of ice, milk, and some frozen chunks of pineapple

Fuzz Petal by Quinnamp Pedal Demo - He loves me, he loves me not

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats CD review by guitarnoize

Front cover

Now find out what's between the front and back cover using guitarnoize's new extensive interview...

Back Cover