Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dragianni: Guthrie Govan Wonderful Slippery Thing reinterpretted i hope you'll like is not played "note by note", but it still works i think ;) Played on Ibanez JEM 10th Anniversary & Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra
Dragianni - Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan cover)

Lyle Watt: Testing the Tele... in so many ways :)


Greg Howe: Buenos Aires clinic date

Clinic-Master Class guitar GREG HOWE
Time · 09 September 17:30 - 20:30
Location Auditorio del Pilar - Vicente Lopez 1999 - Recoleta - Buenos Aires
Created by: Michelin Lucila

"Usually I start clinics with a show playing popular songs that I recorded with a backing track. Then
I review some specific techniques unique and unusual use and then keep playing and answering questions from the audience. Questions are usually very deep in terms of technique and lead me to more specific themes of harmony and composition. This is the basic format of the clinical touch and answer questions from the
audience. " Tickets for sale: Follies: 2483 Monroe Save the People: Av bravo mario Cordoba 3521 esq. Bayres Study: Av Corrientes 1785 piso 1 "B" (corner Callao) Tel: 4371-6544 M to V: 10:00 to 22:30 am / Sat & Sun 10 to 20hs. www .
Greg Howe en Argentina!!

News: London Guitar Nation Cancelled

Recriminations follow collapse of Wembley show Guitar Nation, the major public show scheduled for Wembley Stadium on 26th and 27th November has finally been cancelled, following weeks of speculation and rumour. The show, organised by Clive Morton's Norgaard Media, has been officially scrapped, with Morton blaming adverse trading conditions. "The organisers had worked hard to secure this event but like many companies in the MI industry today it has suffered due to the current climate," he said. Meanwhile Graham Butterworth (Morton's former partner in magazine publishing and show organisation) who had been hired to sell stand space for Guitar Nation, claims that he has not been paid by Norgaard media and left the company at the end of June. more
It is not clear at this stage what impact this might have on the proposed guitar idol final.

Ben Wilshire: Live4Guitar Downloadable Lesson

This Lesson -
The Marketplace -
The Main Site -
Enjoy guys and thanks for the support!!!

"Malmsteen Style Rock" - Live4Guitar Downloadable Lesson - Benni Wilshire

Julien Carayon: working on new album

Julien Carayon - Soloing for next project - Soloing for next project Buy Julien Carayon's previous album - Alpha or

Jad Nasr: St.Thomas


Allan Holdsworth: Baked Potato 2011

Allan Holdsworth: Baked Potato 2011

Alessio Dessì: 6th live4guitar competition

6th live4guitar competition entry - Alessio Dessì

Mejdi Sulejmani: 6th Live4Guitar Competition

Mejdi Sulejmani - 6th Live4Guitar Competition Entry

News: 6th Live4Guitar competition!

Hi everybody. The long awaited competition is now live. This time our sponsor is Neck Diagrams - an awesome software for scale charts, chords and much more. Get your axes and rock the planet.
The rules (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) Full details: The Competition is open to everyone Record your video take over this backing track and upload it to your YouTube channel Video should be recorded with a decent picture and sound quality Complete upper body (face and both hands) must be clearly visible on the video The sound source can be from a camera microphone or a DAW Make sure that your video and audio are in perfect sync. If we notice that the take was edited after recording, we will disqualify it immediately Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave video response with your take - (you do need to subscribe) Join our forum and follow updates and news about the competition Judges will be announced on the forum and they will pick 3 best takes which will be published on L4g website The Competition closes on Friday - 30th September 2011 We will contact the winners via our forum to take their details for shipping 6th Live4guitar Competition

Arnaldo Alves: Guitar Battle na Expomusic

Arnaldo Alves - Guitar Battle na Expomusic

Ally Salem: has a crack at Mr Scary!

Ally Salem:
Been a real fan of this Lynch's masterpiece for ages and finally decided to blow it off my style to everyone! Thanks for watching :) Share and show the world that there are girls who can play 80's heavy metal! ;)
Mr. Scary - Ally Salem(George Lynch Cover)

Annie Grunwald: pre-order our album

To download this song for FREE go to our facebook, and copy/paste the link in the side info. Here is where you can pre-order our album and donate towards the making of it all: Mixing and Mastering of track - Greg Macklin Contact Greg for your recording/production needs here: Formless: New Song Release - To Vindicate False Witness

Erik Emil Eskildsen: Touch Guitars U8 Deluxe

Video and audio produced by Markus Reuter for Unsung Productions: Erik Emil Eskildsen: Touch Guitars U8 Deluxe:
Erik Emil Eskildsen - Live in Innbruck Touch Guitars U8 - first inspection of new European prototype

Andreas Sala: The Ralph progdjent!

Little clean tapping teaser for you djent s ;-)
sorry for the shitty quality, this thing is not mixed very well
Stuff used:
Ibanez JS100 guitar
Fender Jazz 5 string bass
EMU 0404
Poulin Lecto
Guitar Rig 4
Izotope Ozone 4
Addictive Drums
and many more ;-)
The Ralph teaser (ambient/prog/fusion/djent) Latest tracks by The Ralph

Joop Wolters: over the moon at his recent arrival

Joop Wolters Found this fantastic new jem in my mail yesterday morning..!! fantastic work Brett!!~be sure to check out this magical release!!!

Time to order your signed copy of this outstanding CD Brett Garsed: Dark Matter

Ron Thal: Surprise US show announced?

Miami's classic-rock station Big 105.9, GUNS N' ROSES will perform at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida on October 29. Tickets go on sale on Friday, September 9 at 10 a.m. at the box office, allTicketmaster locations, online at or charge by phone 800.745.3000. more

Ciro Antinozzi: Legato with a four note group on each string

Ciro Antinozzi Essential Guitar Style plus BOAT 49.f4v

News: Extreme Guitaring!!!

Extreme Guitaring

Parker Wallace: Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Parker Wallace... aka Slimer! Hufschmid Guitars Competition 11 year old "Trolls a trippin" Slimers progressed along way since his first video solo way back when... shred this competition entry - 9 year old Slimer *winner of special prize from shred junior**

Adam Lajoie: Em inventions

Messing around in Em. sorry for my knee being in the way, and you can't see what I'm doing half the time, it's just how I play sometimes, I'll probably do another vid where you can see the fretboard... and the sound isn't to great on the riffs, should of cleaned up the tone. I haven't uploaded a video in awhile, I've been trying lately but I'm never satisfied, so here it is folks.. suhr s3 ada mp-1 port city 2x12 OS G major
guitar riffs and solo

Maxxxwell Carlisle: reviews Douglas 725 7-string guitar

A demo / review of the Douglas 725 7-string guitar. Ash top, mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, 25.5" scale. Gear used is my Boss GT-8 (5150 amp model) into the power amp of my Bugera 6262. This guitar is available at Checkout my website at and look me up on Facebook, iTunes, etc.
Douglas 725 7-String - Demo / Review by Maxxxwell Carlisle

Rob Kokochak: Palmer Junction Guitar Contest

Palmer Junction Guitar Contest Entry by Rob

John Renbourn: appearing at London Acoustic Guitar Show 2011

Rotosound are pleased to announce endorsee John Renbourn, founding member of Pentangle and acclaimed solo artist, will be joining them on the stand at the London Acoustic Guitar Show 2011, 10th and 11th September at 5 pm on the Saturday and at 10.30 on the Sunday. World renowned instrumentalist John Renbourn career has spanned four decades and his prolific output as a highly respected solo artist continues unabated with the release this year of his critically acclaimed album Palermo Snow. He continues to tour, record and run workshops and will be also playing on the live stage at the London Acoustic show with Stefan Grossman. Rotosound will be featuring a wide range of their acoustic, classical guitar strings and accessories on their stand at the show as well as having some great show offers. They will also be debuting at the show the award winning new Cooper guitar stand. This versatile, compact, and wooden guitar stand only weighs 16 ounces (500gms), can be opened with one hand and folds up to fit conveniently in gig bags or the headstock area of most guitar cases. The Rotosound team are looking forward to meeting you at the show and also welcoming John Renbourn on their stand where you will have the opportunity to meet this great guitarist. For more information about Rotosound and its endorsees visit

Perfecto De Castro: whammy technique and application

New episode of Perfecto De Castro's FingerTIPS, this episode discusses Perfecto's whammy technique and its musical applications. PDC-TV presents FingerTIPS: Whammy Bar

Andy Godbyone: mercury magnetics mod vox actv4

mercury magnetics mod vox actv4

David Locke: Mr Crowley revisited and a twist with The Carpenters.

Here is my interpretation of the end solo in Mr Crowley. Using my VGS Eruption Pro and VGS Neo-One through Laboga Alligator and Tonebone Trimode. Mr Crowley (End Solo) - Ozzy Osbourne - David Locke (They Long To Be) Close To You - The Carpenters - David Locke

Dimitar Nalbantov: problem with my pickups.. can you help?

Dimitar Nalbantov:
Hi guys, I'm getting this strange Guitar Pickups squeal problem with all my pickups. It never happened before... Any ideas?
Guitar Pickups squeal problem

Morten Faerestrand: Mike Stern and other Jazzy Scale-Runs for more lessons, tabs and LIVE Online Guitar Masterclasses

Wing and a Prayer - Mike Stern cover by Morten Faerestrand

Jazzy Scale-Runs

News: information around the issues of exotic wood and the recent Gibson raid

I am forwarding some valuable info regarding the Gibson raid that I feel may be helpful to all of us. Please feel free to repost anywhere where people will see it.

For my luthiers: I would like to Request proper documentation from all of you regarding the model that I am stocking from you. This info is crucial, especially for those of you who are overseas.

If I am expecting a guitar from you or returning a guitar please refer to the Lacey special Use codes attached. If you have further questions please contact me.

Now please read up on the Gibson Raid. I know it's alot of info to take in but believe me, this affects us all.

More on Gibson: a press release by Henry, and a copy of the August 18, 2011 search warrant affidavit used in the August 24th raids. Also, a newly published allowance by APHIS for dealing with pre-2008 instruments.

Gibson’s prior Madagascar ebony and rosewood issue of November, 2009 is one thing, but this new problem with Indian ebony is another. It seems that India has regulations banning wood exports of anything over 6mm thickness unless it’s been worked into a “finished” item inside their country. But it’s not possible to have India process fingerboard blanks any further into a slotted, shaped, inlaid and bound “finished” form, and the Indian government is O.K. with that since the fingerboards aren’t raw lumber and actually have been worked on as far as reasonable. But the U.S. government is insisting that not going all the way makes the blanks “unfinished” and thus illegal to export according to Indian law even though Indian authorities are fine with it! Additionally, there’s been some understandable confusion with appropriate tariff code numbers; and also with having the boards drop-shipped from India to a broker and then a storage facility while being invoiced by LMII, especially since Gibson and not LMII are taking ultimate delivery. It’s bureaucratic harassment and abusive enforcement by agencies with almost total power and less than total understanding of their own regs.

LMII has done everything possible to establish conformance with the law and provide all documents, paper trails, chain of custody evidence, etc. But now they’re justifiably worried that big white trucks and heavily armed agents will show up unannounced at their address, a scenario they might not be able to survive. Even though the U.S. instrument industry accounts for but 1% of wood use here, they seem to be getting disproportionately targeted no matter how much such harassment might endanger the industry’s survival or how many jobs could be lost. It’s all expendable compared to such lofty goals as saving the planet from animal and plant exploiters and rapists!

If these charges hold up, then virtually all Indian ebony and rosewood fingerboard blanks used in the entire industry are illegal, and everyone’s wood inventories and instruments would be liable to seizure and harsh penalties. In fact, the same would apply to all guitar woods over 6mm thick originating in India. So, I’d imagine that all the big dogs are watching this very closely – as goes Gibson, so goes the whole industry. The U.S. government is quickly making it increasingly difficult for small as well as large businesses to survive rampant over-regulation.

What can we do to revise badly written and unworkable regulations, and stop increasingly abusive enforcement? Let upcoming electoral candidates know there’s a very serious problem that’s quickly endangering a lot of domestic businesses and killing formerly healthy small international sales, as well as negatively impacting all musicians who travel out of the country. If this could become a campaign issue which highlights some of the deeply flawed and over-regulated current federal policies and could gain public support, it’s possible to change things.

Much of the problem has nothing at all to do with material from protected plant and animal species, but more to do with bureaucratic and regulatory demands involving non-listed species and costs that are impossibly complicated and unnecessary. In the case of genuine vintage and antique instruments (and many other non-instrument products) current enforcement practices are really nothing more than permission for federal agencies to vandalize and destroy priceless and irreplaceable objects, harass legitimate businesses, musicians, and collectors, and block many traditional exchanges between cultures.

Ron Thal: Studio Flooding... Nothing I can do!!!

Stay safe folks and to all New Yorkers too!

Bumblefoot Water between 1st & 2nd steps to downstairs, and rising. Left, at Dunkin Donuts - we're the only non-emergency-workers out tonight....

Bumblefoot Studio house is flooding, basement filling with water, nothing I can do.

BumblefootLivestream from the hurricane (eating Chinese food in the studio)