Becky Langan: Dueling Ninjas

Vuk Mirasevic: burning tricky keyboard parts from Richard Andersson

Tosin Abasi: plays Strandberg headless 8-string

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl 900 Pound Violin Fuzz Pedal

James Bell: tribute to flying ace Jon Egging

Kristen T Clark: Sennheiser Sessions

Neil Zaza: Go!

Grim Shit: Alone In Eden

Nat Janoff: live band and solos

Brian Maillard: live rig tour

George Harrison: Trailer for Martin Scorsese's new movie

Angus Lamb: Metal Fatigue

Jason Becker: the lick library connection

Dhalif: god of guitar, now ace of bass!

Alex Flouros: Seduce The Heaven

Piotr Wójcicki: trailer for new CD

Jim Matheos: Neurotically Wired discussion

Max Vatutin: Trio

Eddie Van Halen: The solo through time

Jennifer Batten: Cat Fight 2011

Rob Chappers,Rabea Massaad: Two Rock Gain Master

Jennifer Batten: with Y&T

Steve Saluto, Doug Wimbish, Atma Anur: Brown Eyed Soul Tour

Eddie Van Halen,Jason Becker: incredible live TV interview

Captain Klown: Palmer Junction Guitar Contest