Sunday, 31 May 2009

News: IE8 proven to fail the shred test!

Yes... that's right Microsoft programmers don't like guitar shredding! In the latest web browser statistics you can see IE8 is just missing. I have a number of emails saying it's not working in IE8... I tested and tried it myself and can confirm it's busted. I looked at the problem, the error message is worse than useless and there appears to be little or no way to fix the problem with out ripping out chunks of functionality and testing... if time was plentiful may be I would look into this, but it's not.

google analytics
1. Firefox 10,166 43.94%
2.Internet Explorer 8,756 37.85%
3.Safari 2,518 10.88%
4.Chrome 829 3.58%
5.Opera 679 2.93%
6.Mozilla 69 0.30%
7.Mozilla Compatible Agent 52 0.22%
8.Opera Mini 28 0.12%
9.Camino 12 0.05%
10.Playstation 3 10 0.04%

So what's to do... well just use an older version of IE or download vastly superior web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome... you won't be sorry... it appears there are too many salesmen at Microsoft and not enough developers, always a recipe for disaster...

Jason Becker: protone podcast... my god it's full of stars!

So you wanna hear the round table interview we conducted with Rusty Cooley, Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, John 5, and Richie Kotzen?? Cool, here ya go:

Takayoshi Ohmura: eclipse from the east

Young Guitar July 2005 Demonstration from Cross Hard's "Eclipse From East"

Takayoshi Ohmura- Shout At The World

Takayoshi Ohmura- The Cataclysm (Examples)

Takayoshi Ohmura- Every Time (Examples)

Fabien Courtois: 14 string behemoth

Yes, that's right 14 strings, an 8 string and six string! Fabien Courtois says:
on citrus s wood,erable zébré,padok, made for me by PAUL BELGRADO

impossible guitar...14 strings !

Some tapping demos from Fabien Courtois


chopin valse opus 69 N2 version 2

chopin valse opus 69 N1 tapping

Damir Puh: tribute to steve vai

Damir Puh says:
This is my take of the classic Steve Vai track "For the love of god". It's my all-time favorite song, so I tried to play it without improvising too much. It's my 3rd attempt to record this piece, after string breaking / trem-arm-popping-out / old-battery-in-the-wah-pedal experiences, so I hope you'll like it. :)

For backing track I used "For the love of god" track from Vai's "Naked Tracks" package. For more info, go to, I strongly recommend to check the stuff out, Vai fan or not.

For all the gearheads, the chain on this one was: Jackson PS-4 (stock MiJ) - Vox V847 wah - Line6 POD2.0 - Soundcraft mixer - PC.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

News: LIMS 2009 new equipment launches announced

The number one show for music demonstrates how innovation goes hand in hand with sound and style. The London International Music Show features over 200 of the most famous instrument manufacturers displaying the coolest new innovations and the most exciting gear the music world has to offer.

The show brings together the world’s top manufacturers who together have already confirmed more than eighty new products will be launched at the show. In a series of features we will be announcing over the next few days PRODUCT LAUNCHES at the London International Music Show:

New Product Launches Part 1:

• From Adam Hall J8
o LD Premium: range of loudspeakers.
• From Gear4Music H14
o Digital Drums 502-J Electronic Kit
o New Active PA Speaker Range; 10” 180 Watt,12” 280 Watt and a 15” 330 Watt speakers
o Full Active PA Rig: designed so that the setup can either be used as a complete 1.3K rig with Sub and Top cabs, or for smaller gigs the 12” Cabs.
o Black Knight Guitars: complete new range.
o White Horse Drum Kits: new models include a Stage and a Studio kit, plus a unique ‘Jungle’ style kit.
o Minster baby Pianos: Two models, retailing at £999 and £1299. They will form part of a ‘Grand for a grand’ campaign.

• From Alchemea College F14
o Diploma Course in Live Sound Engineering

• From High Tech Distribution G5
o UK Premiere of Vigier G.V. Series Guitars
o UK Premiere Vigier 2009 limited edition Bumblefoot signature model guitars
o UK Debut Rapco shrink-wrap cables: USA hand soldered cables that.
• From IBCT H22 (G7th Stand)
o Range of High Grade Acoustic Guitars.

• From Strings & Things J6
o Sterling by Musicman: new range of medium priced guitars and basses licensed by Musicman. The range has four guitars ( including – John Petrucci Signature model ) and three bass models.
o Musicman 25th Anniversary Guitars & Basses
o Big Al Bass guitar - new Musicman bass guitar.

The LIMS organisers can now announce a new retail section at the show with a dedicated area for visitors wishing to purchase gear. There will be a fantastic selection of products from sheet music to drum kits, and whether it’s a small accessory or a dream guitar, this will be one of the UK’s most impressive collections of gear for sale under one roof.

Thursday 11th Trade & Preview Day 10am - 7pm - Retail Hall SHUT

MFY Friday 12th Education Day 10am - 5pm - Retail Hall OPEN

Saturday 13th Public Day 10am - 6pm - Retail Hall OPEN

Sunday 14th Public Day 10am - 5pm - Retail Hall OPEN

Paul Gilbert: euro summer campus

The program provides full-immersion for 8 hours of lessons per day, translated into Italian with delivery of material and final certificate. This event will be held in Syracuse-PALAZZO Impellizzeri IL-16-17 - 18 - 19 - LUGNANO 2009

Ugur Dariveren: rob chappers meyones competition entry

As the soundtrack of summer starts up the Rob Chappers Meyones competition roles on! Yes that's right up to 158 entries now all for a chance to win a Mayones Setius GTM Blueburst worth £1099 AND an Endorsement with Mayones & BlackHawk Music.

Mayones Guitar Competition Entry by Ugur Dariveren

Joop Wolters: kick ass soundtrack of summer solo!

Wow, first night and the standard is set super high already with Joop Wolters submission of an improvised solo over the Soundtrack of Summer backing track! Now go out and get your solo in for the super hot solo of summer! All responses will be posted on youtube

Soundtrack of Summer Guitar Solo Contest joop wolters

Dave Weiner,Mike Orlando, Rob Balducci: gig details

Dave Weiner(Steve Vai Band),Mike Orlando & Rob Balducci 6/6 @ DJ Rider's
Start Time: 06 June 2009 at 21:00
End Time:07 June 2009 at 01:00
Location: DJ Rider's Night Club
Street: 3752 Long Beach Road
Town/City: Oceanside, NY

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Dave Weiner of the Steve Vai Band,Mike Orlando & Rob Balducci perform a Pure Night Of Guitar! Come experience a night of Over the Top Rock Guitar & Rob Balducci's Favored Nation's Release Party. June 6th @ DJ Rider's 3752 Long Beach Road,Oceanside NY 11572.

Shawn Lane: all along the watch tower

Always think of summer when I hear this song! This classic 1989 performance was videotaped at NightMoves in Memphis, TN during the TARGET 10 year reunion concert. An end of show jam featuring special guests Rob Caudill(vocals / bass) and Shawn Lane on guitar. PRICELESS MEMPHIS ROCK!