Greg Howe: Master Ultra-Fast Runs with Linear Tapping

Greg Howe:
Many of my unique or unusual guitar techniques have resulted from attempting to play a particular passage using a conventional approach, and then discovering it didn’t give me the sound I was after. Forced to find another way to execute the passage, I’d stumble across a new idea that I could develop and incorporate into my playing.

Here’s an example: It’s a challenge to disguise or avoid a subtle triplet feel when performing straight, non-sequenced legato lines using three-note-per-string shapes, especially at high speed. We have to deal with two primary issues when playing fast linear lines using a conventional legato technique. First, it’s hard to maintain the same volume and tone between picked notes and those that are articulated by hammer-ons or pull-offs. Second, it’s tough to avoid the slight rhythmic inconsistencies that often occur when you switch from one string to the next. Full article with tab