Nozomu Wakai: Destinia - Requiem for a Scream with Rob Rock on vocals

[google translate] Released November 26, 2014
Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA
debut album "Requiem for a Scream" guitarist that has received a great deal of influence from the metal scene in Japan, Wakai the cake Heavy own eyes Standing in order to embody the utopia of the barrel Metal project that was raised, Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA! ! Ono Masatoshi including (ANTHEM) Morikawa Koreyu is HM / HR vocalist of Japan's leading HM / H of the World (Vo), Miyawaki "JOE" Intellectual History (Ds), YUHKI and (Key), and top-class in R scene (Rob Rock boasts name recognition and ability musicians handedly gathered from home and abroad such as IMPELLITTERI )! Completion of the wonders in the debut Melodic Metal album of ultimate boasts a degree of perfection! !

"Requiem for a Scream" trailer / Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA