Allan Holdsworth, Brett Stine: "In The Mystery" | The Groundbreaking New Book discussed by K Pádraig O'Kane,

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Allan Holdsworth! His music. His guitar playing! His MIND! Would you like to learn more about his unique approach to harmony, melody, composition, and improvisation? Look no further than Brett Stine's groundbreaking new book, "Into the Mystery: A Deconstruction of the Harmony, Melody, Compositions, and Improvisations of Allan Holdsworth."

This comprehensive study delves deep into Holdsworth's musical mind, offering unprecedented insights into his creative process. Stine's meticulous research and analysis provide a wealth of information for musicians and music enthusiasts alike, covering everything from Holdsworth's early works to his later stuff.

Whether you're a guitarist looking to expand your skills, a music student exploring new techniques, or simply a fan of Holdsworth's unique sound, "Into the Mystery" is a must-read. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one of the most influential guitarists of all time.

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"In The Mystery" | The Groundbreaking New Book on Allan Holdsworth by Brett Stine.