George Lynch: on "Babylon" Album

Lynch Mob have come full circle to the end of their ride with the release of the Babylon, their eighth and final album, released October 20, 2023 via Frontier Records.

The current line-up of the band, joining revered guitarist and band founder George Lynch, are Gabriel Colón [vocals], Jaron Gulino [bass], and Jimmy D'anda [drums].

George is known for his fiery guitar playing, which is evident on every one of Lynch Mob's albums regardless of who is in the band. Since its inception in 1989, George has brought amazing musicians along like Oni Logan, Mick Brown, Anthony Esposito, Marco Mendoza, Scot Coogan, Jeff Pilson, and Robert Mason to serve up some timeless classics, "River of Love," "She's Evil But She's Mine," "Wicked Sensation," "Jungle of Love," "Main Offender," and "Rain."

Keeping in the vein of their musical legacy, Babylon does not disappoint, as George's inventive and intricate guitar playing is all over this album. There is no shortage of unconventional scales, arpeggios, chiming harmonics, whammy bar dives, Wah Wah skills, and signature vibrato technique like on the Van Halen-esque "I'm Ready," "The Synner," with its slow, sleazy infectious groove, and "Erase" with its invention tone. Throughout, George delivers supreme guitar playing, proving he is still at the top of his game, full of rich techniques and tone.

Lynch Mob has also announced The Final Ride, a farewell tour celebrating the band's 35-year legacy. The tour is expected to kick off in January 2024 and conclude in March 2025 on the Monsters of Rock Cruise.

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It is always a pleasure to interview George. In my interview with him, he shares the technical recording issues the band faced to complete the album, when and why he decided Babylon would be the band's last, how Lynch Mob was not designed to have a revolving door of players, find out who his and Mich Brown's first choice for a singer was for the band's first album, and how he would like to have former members of Lynch Mob join the band on stage for the Final Ride Tour. Check out the full interview, and please make sure to follow My Global Mind on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

George Lynch on "Babylon" Album: We're Lucky to Have It, Went Through Hell to Salvage the Recording!