Sylvain Luc: Grand Canyon II (feat. Romain Pilon)

This video should normally have been released within several months, but due to the circumstances, we decided to release it now, to honor Sylvain, his music, his kindness and to thank him for everything he brought to the world music.
"Grand Canyon II" is the piece he composed for "United Guitars, Vol.4" and on which he invited Romain Pilon. Recorded directly to analog tape, this live performance is the first or second take. No editing, no correction, just sharing and pure music that gives you goosebumps.
We dedicate this video to his family, friends and all those who loved him and will continue to love him. Thanks again for everything Sylvain.

👉Guitare 1 : Sylvain Luc
👉Guitare 2 : Romain Pilon
👉Basse : Bruno Ramos
👉Batterie : Davy Honnet
👉Son et mixage : Arnaud Bascunana
👉Réalisation vidéo : Mat Ninat Studio
👉Production : Mistiroux Productions