Peter Lidstrom: we have assumed control

Another month passes and another new edition of essential guitarist is on view. Peter Lidstrom reveals the second in his series that covers classic shred. Early Malmsteen Part 2: This column is part two of a 3-part series focusing on early Yngwie solos off his first 3 solo albums of the 1984-1986 era. In this 2nd installment I have transcribed the solo from "I am a viking" ("Marching Out"-1985).

A new edition of essential guitarist is on view. Peter Lidstrom now has a series that covers classic shred. The first article covers: Early Malmsteen Part 1. including transcriptions! Check it out now!

Peter Lidstrom is a guitar player of many talents. His first influences were the Beatles and KISS and his first guitar hero was Ace Frehley and later on Vinnie Vincent in Kiss 83-84, "He is truly one of the most underrated guitar players ever, and in my opinion..."

Having heard Randy Rhoads and later Yngwie he went on to listen to the "Mike Varney" stable of guitarists, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker.... This was a period where Peter used to spend "many hours of sweat and blood, with nothing but your guitar, 3 octave triplet sequences, some coffee, a metronome and a love for music !"

After the 90's he got into Jazz/funk players like Ronny Jordan, Larry Carlton, and Robben Ford

But one of the most profound influences on Peter was RUSH!

To find out more about Peter read the really excellent Essential guitarist interview whilst listening to the Sound clips. But forr shred guitarist's its a Mecca for anyone looking for old and extremely rare Shrapnel catalogue guitar transcriptions then buy his CD's