Tom Kopyto: terror death from seventh heaven

Alternate Picking

Sweep Picking 1

Chops From Hell "Pick 5"

Tom Kopyto appears on ShredAcademy with the tab and video for his first guitar lesson. Tom also has a MySpace web site for his lessons:

My new DiMarzio X2N 7

Tom Kopyto has been going through a bit of a metalmorphosis in regard to my writing and playing style. He's scrapped much of the material written for his new CD and is writting new and better ones.

Tom has joined the ranks of myspace with:

There is a new interview with Tom on

25-03-2005: "Terror Death Licks", is Tom's first instructional release for Chops From Hell

Tom Kopyto is one of Michael Angelos' MACE recording Artists. As a guitarist he is firmly rooted in metallic shredding of the likes of the great shredders of the 80's and 90's. Plus being on the MACE label his playing is steeped in instrumental melodic shred guitar that's "played extremely fast waaay up on the tiny strings". If you need to know more Check out his Chops from Hell major sweeping licks Terror Death DVD or featured artist CD's