Michael Angelo Batio, Yngtchie Blacksteen: forum shredathon

The last track from Michael Angelo Batio's "Hands Without Shadows II - Voices" album. This track was made by members of the Michael Angelo Batio Internet Forum. Members from all over the world contributed solos. The backing track was written and produced by forum member Maxxxwell Carlisle, who also mixed each of the solos into the final track.

Soloists in Order:
Ali Campbell
Andreas Haukenes (Yngtchie Blacksteen)
Matthew Haywood
Joris Van Daele
Jose Salvador
Joe Mihaloew
Luis Armenteros
Nichols Orthodox
NIck Dzierzeski
Ryan Grima
Felix Tajada
Jesse Jackson
Maxxxwell Carlisle
Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio Forum Shreddathon!