Frank Gambale, Alain Caron: atural Selection

Frank Gambale (guitar); Alain Caron (bass); Otmaro Ruiz (piano).

With pianist Otmaro Ruiz, a master improviser and Alain Caron, one-of-a-kind bassist, these three sound like ten. There are beautiful, subtle ballads to Brazillian influenced tracks and Gambale once again rewrites some Jazz standards with his melodies. A great artist in a very mature place in his career. Outstanding!

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Track 1 Teaser
Track 2 Smog Eyes
Track 3 Tones For Chick's Bones
Track 4 In From Somewhere
Track 5 Gioia
Track 6 Good Morning Sunshine
Track 7 Samba Di Somewhere
Track 8 Natural Selection
Track 9 Gambashwari