Paulo Pacheco:

Amazing Guitar Solo --- Fuhrmann :: Vintage na lata

Paulo Pacheco:
Hello everybody, it's with great pleasure that I speak to you that I am now an endorser of Fuhrmann pedals, pedals extremely high quality, great finish in carbon steel, which creates greater durability of the pedal, the pedals and still have a system which is extremely importance to the musician, so there is no signal loss, is the system trueByPass, this video show just one of thousands of tones possible to find the pedal HIGH GAIN.
Besides being a pedal in Vintage Tin, Valve Sound, and all other benefits it offers only Fuhrmann, he brings a wide versatility, you can pitch it as very exotic, or to any musical style, he has a system called Shape le that brings all possible and different timbres,
not to mention the knobs, which facilitate the times when a tightening torque on a show, and you want to change the setting only by foot, you can change without needing to bend down or stop guys this is to, hopefully enjoy the sound on the video, and not wait any longer to purchase your Fuhrmann, LATA___ACESSE IN VINTAGE AND ABOUT THE SITE