Steve Hackett: Genesis - Sum of The Parts or not as the case may be

Genesis - Sum of The Parts ~ Trailer
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“Sum Of The Parts” is the official authorised story of Genesis made with the full co-operation of the band members. DVD: Blu-Ray: Digital video link coming soon. It tells of the band’s formation at Charterhouse (where Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford were all pupils) in the late sixties and the release of their debut album “From Genesis To Revelation”. The story then moves on through the departure of founder member Anthony Phillips and the arrival of Phil Collins and Steve Hackett in 1970 to form the 5-man line-up that established the band’s career with albums such as “Foxtrot” and “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Peter Gabriel’s departure in 1975 and then Steve Hackett’s in 1977 led to the release of the album “And Then There Were Three…” and a move towards shorter, more immediate songs. The eighties and nineties were triumphant decades for Genesis with hugely successful hit albums and singles around the world such as “Genesis”, “Invisible Touch” and “We Can’t Dance”. At the same time as they were recording and performing with Genesis, Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford (as Mike & The Mechanics) were all enjoying successful solo careers, as were departed members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. “Sum Of The Parts” explores the dynamics of the group that has enabled them to survive changes of line-up, see their musical direction steadily evolve and maintain both group and solo careers along with their enduring popularity as evidenced by their hugely successful 2007 reunion tour.

Out Nov 17 2014 and Out 2015 in USA


Steve Hackett says BBC's new Genesis documentary is 'biased account' of band

Guitarist says the programme ‘ignores’ his extensive solo work and discourages fans from watching Genesis: Together and Apart. Steve Hackett has spoken out against the BBC’s new Genesis documentary, calling it a “biased account” that “ignores” his solo work. Although the guitarist has endorsed the film’s companion piece, a box set called R-Kive, he is discouraging fans from watching Genesis: Together and Apart.

“[The documentary] does not deliver the theme of Together and Apart,” Hackett wrote on Facebook (via Rolling Stone). “Whilst [R-Kive] represents us all equally, the documentary does the opposite ... In interview I spoke at length as much about my solo career as my time in Genesis, but was not given any editorial involvement.”