Brad Bradbury: Fused Guitar backing track time - Uplifting G Major and Gospel Blues

Time to feel good? A G major laid back backing track to recharge your overworked and drained existence.

This track doesn`t go anywhere but it goes there with a smile on it`s face Satriani style. G major all the way through, so G major scale(Ionian mode) and G major pentatonic work well.

Have fun.

Uplifting G Major(Ionian mode) Backing Track Satriani Style

Slow tempo Gospel blues in G, this is an eight bar blues and being in the Gospel style there are some variations and extra chords to add harmonic movement.

The basic progression
I, I, IV, IV,
I, V, I IV I, V

G7/// G7/// C7/// C7///
G7/// D7/// G7/C7/ G7/D7/

The time signature is 12/8 so count
ONE, two, three, TWO, two three, THREE, two, three, FOUR, two, three. Four groups of three.

This is a great progression for practicing the BB King box shape, a great shape to use over dominant chords.

To be really convincing try to target chords tones, watch how they change with each chord. Anticipating these changes and hitting the target notes will connect your playing to the harmonic movement underneath. The diagrams should help you with this.

Have fun

Gospel Blues Backing Track in G and Playing Tips