Deakon Lekross, Maxxxwell Carlisle: Raptor Command - A Heavy Metal Tribute to Elon Musk - 40 hours to go!

Raptor Command
Our mission is to raise awareness of and promote Elon Musk’s futurist ideas and visions for the future of humanity through the medium of heavy metal music and subculture. The band is comprised of seasoned metal musicians who share a passion for technological advancement and Musk’s tireless efforts to push mankind into a bright, triumphant future.

Raptor Command

The purpose of this campaign is to provide funding for the finishing touches and manufacturing costs of our debut album Elon. Beyond that, we have developed a plan of ambitious stretch goals which will help carry our message and Elon's concepts and goals to all of humanity and beyond. These plans culminate in the development and launch of RAPTOR SAT-1, a CubeSat which will transmit our music and message all around the Earth and the universe!

Thanks to the great response to our debut single and lyric video "Elon: Champion For Humanity", we know that there is massive public support for the work that Elon Musk is doing in his various outlets like SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Solar City, OpenAI, Neuralink, and Hyperloop. All of the songs on our upcoming album are inspired by Elon or these projects in some way. This is not just a concept album. The entire existence of Raptor Command is predicated upon the positive effect on humanity that Elon Musk's efforts will have. Our latest music video "Fusion Reactor (In The Sky)", is another loud and proud salute to the concepts that Elon is pursuing. With your support, we will be able to introduce millions of people to the concepts of sustainable, clean energy; making humanity a multi-planet species; a society that peacefully co-exists with an artificial super-intelligence, and an inspiring, adventurous future that everyone can look forward to.

Basic Album Funding: (finishing touches and manufacturing of physical products) - $5,000

Vinyl Bonus Goal: Everyone who pledges at the $150 Hyper Pack level and above will receive the Elon album on vinyl! - $15,000

1st Level Stretch Goal: Burying a time-capsule filled with ambitions and goals for humanity, Raptor Command's music and videos, and predictions for the future. This will also include a PR campaign for sourcing public input and raising awareness of the capsule and overall project. - $50,000

2nd Level Stretch Goal: Beaming a message to the TRAPPIST-1 solar system via the massive RT-70 radar transmitter in Yevpatoria. This level of funding will cover the use of the transmitter and the necessary encoding of the message. We will send a message including Elon themed concepts for the future of humanity, Raptor Command's music, and the names of those who made this feat possible. - $150,000

3rd Level Stretch Goal: Development of the RAPTOR SAT-1 CubeSat, to be included as a secondary payload on a to-be-determined launch. The CubeSat will transmit Raptor Command's music, select quotes and excerpts from Elon's speeches, satellite telemetry, and the names of those who made the satellite possible. It will also take pictures with an on-board camera and transmit them via the Slow Scan TV format. Both the SSTV images and audio transmission will be receivable by anyone with basic, inexpensive, amateur radio equipment. We will also host a continuous, live audio stream from the satellite on our website. This funding level will cover the costs of design, prototyping, testing, and final manufacturing of the satellite, plus ground support equipment and development. - $250,000