Chris Letchford: "Space Cadet" feat. Vocalist • Eli Cutting

3rd single from our new album "Subjects", "Space Cadet" feat. Eli Cutting (Vocals).

This album will feature 8 of our favorite vocalists! Yes, you read that right!
Pre-orders are live now!
All vinyl, cds, and digital are double albums (vocal edition and instrumental edition)

OUT June 25, 2021

Featuring Vocalists
Ross Jennings (HAKEN)
Courtney Laplante (Spiritbox)
Eric Emery (Skyharbor)
Mike Semesky (Raunchy)
Joesph Secchiaroli (The Reign Of Kindo)
Eli Cutting
Garrett Garfield
Renny Carroll

Guest guitar solos:
Andy James (Solo Artist, Five Finger Death Punch)
Brandon Ewing (Eternity Forever)

Guest Native Flute:
Tommy Graven

Mixed by: Anup Sastry

Artwork by: Collin Estrada Illustration & Design

ABOUT THIS GUITAR: This is my signature model CL7 from Kiesel Guitars with a custom 168 programmable LED fingerboard. I have had this idea for over 8 years now and I finally found someone to create it for me. Big shout to Will Lunden for designing and creating this board, and Dave at Equilibrium Guitars for installing it in my favorite guitar! Its fully programmable as you can see in the video, with unlimited effects. The future is now guys! Hope you love the video!

"Space Cadet" feat. Vocalist • Eli Cutting (168 LED GUITAR)