Paul Gilbert: Hello! North Dakota! Stompin' Solo Video

"Hello North Dakota!" is the opening song from my new album "Werewolves of Portland." The version on CD and vinyl is a guitar instrumental song.
This "live" video shows me singing the lyrics that I used to write the guitar melody. Here are some words about the meaning of the lyrics:
Let's start with the things I love. The trees. The rivers. My local guitar repair shop, bakery, and grocery store. Beautiful places for walking and biking. Driving to anything in less than 15 minutes. My musician and recording engineer friends. Small businesses and wonderful restaurants. My son's school and teachers. The pie bakery! I love all these.
Then there's that other stuff you see on the news.
I don't want to kick Portland while it's down. But if it stays like this, I may need to sneak away.
I'm hoping to live somewhere that isn't in the news so much.
I haven't heard much about North Dakota lately, which is good.
I've actually never been there.
I like buffalo. That's a start.
Thank you,

Paul Gilbert - Hello! North Dakota! Stompin' Solo Video